5 Years Later – Manfrotto Q2 L Bracket Review

Written by Robert Lowdon

Robert Lowdon is an internationally published commercial photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He spends his time photographing architecture and industrial projects for the most part.

Published February 1, 2017

manfrotto q2 l bracket

Back when I first wrote this article in 2013 I was pretty thrilled with this Manfrotto q2 L bracket. Now 5 years later I can say that I still am. This is an absolute workhorse that I have abused for years. If you are on the fence you should buy it right now.

Here is what I had to say about it back then:

Manfrotto Q2 L Bracket Review

I decided to start doing some reviews on the gear I use. It allows me give some insight to anyone thinking of purchasing the said item, and I get to practice my sick product shot skills (approvingly pats self on back). So without any further ado I present the Manfrotto MS050M4-Q2 L bracket product review.

My first impression: Why did I not buy one of these camera brackets sooner! Anyone who uses longer lenses to shoot from a tripod is well aware of the downfalls of regular mounting plates when shooting from a vertical framing position. The camera will start a slow decent downwards, making longer exposures troublesome. The last thing you need when photographing difficult subject manner is the camera fighting against you.

Probably the best advantage is the speed in which one can change from a horizontal position to a vertical one. I originally went with a Manfrotto plate quick release system because of the speed at which the camera can be attached to a support, and the stability it provides.

Combined with the Manfrotto q2 L bracket, setup just becomes faster overall. Changes are easily made, when working with changing light situations. This is essential for anyone trying to capture that perfect light before it is gone.

The Manfrotto q2 L bracket weighs in at 322 grams, which is ridiculously light for its size, without sacrificing durability. The bracket is constructed out of magnesium and is capable of supporting 15kg. Retailing for $149, the bracket seems expensive but the value provided is well worth the money spent.

I have noticed on thing that would be an improvement. The bracket comes with an Allen key for adjustment which fits in the body. This is great, but it would be a lot better if the adjustments could be made by hand. So if you are listening Manfrotto product designers, add a hand tightening feature please.

The Manfrotto MS050M4-Q2 L bracket is a definite buy for anyone serious about their photography. It is a simple item that pays for itself in about 5 minutes of use.

Here is what I have to Say about in 2018:

The Manfrotto MS050M4-Q2 L bracket has been a workhorse in my kit for years. I have taken this thing to over 34 national parks. This L bracket has literally seen more things than most people see in there entire lives.

I break a lot of gear. I am hard on things. I can’t break this thing and you can’t either. I expect to have it for at least 20 years. Maybe then it will need to be replaced. I doubt it though…

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  1. s duncan

    2020 and this was useful for me, just bought the 405 geared head and am going to pair it with this bracket. Thanks for the positive and genuine review.

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