Support Your Local Camera Store

Written by Robert Lowdon

Robert Lowdon is an internationally published commercial photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He spends his time photographing architecture and industrial projects for the most part.

Published August 9, 2016

woodworker industrial photography

Local camera stores are on a steady decline. There is just less of them around and we as photographers need to take responsibility on this. We all run local businesses and try to be advocates against the large corporate chains that supply low quality work. So why is it that we as photographers are not supporting other local businesses like we should?

Reasons Why You Should Shop at a Local Camera Store

It Supports our Local Community

Local camera stores employ our fellow citizens and often pay decent livable wages. When we support our community social problems decrease. Which of course, increases the standard of living in the community. So buy your camera local.

It Increases Our Bottom Line

The more money that is in our community the more our clients have to spend. This might seem weird, but local businesses spend a great deal more of their income in the community. When other businesses are successful they have larger budgets to spend on things like, you guessed it, photography.

Strong Businesses Breed Strong Business Communities

The great thing about local business communities is that they support each other. We all help each other out, donate our time to charity and promote our city.

Your Local Camera Store Will Stand Behind You

Ever have a problem with a piece of gear? I know I have. How great is it when you have to ship a defective item away and wait for a replacement. It sucks. The store I deal with backs their customers, and always does a great job. In return I promote them as much as I can. This is how business works.

Supports a Sustainable Environment

When we are shipping everything hundreds or even thousands of kilometers we are causing so much waste it is astounding. Now I’m not against commerce, and I understand this is what drives our economy to some extent, but if we continue at this rate there will not be much of this planet left in a 100 years (as we know it anyway).

Great economies need businesses of all sizes, they key is moderation. So next time when we are looking to save 5 – 10 percent on an item we could have bought locally we need to stop and think: What is it Really Costing Us?

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