Editorial Portraits for The Home Depot

Written by Jennifer Dell

Published December 6, 2017

Editorial photographs tell a story. In these editorial portraits for The Home Depot, an employee donning the recognizable orange apron stands front and center, demonstrating the fact that employees are central to the retail chain’s success. Since commencing operations in Canada in 1994, Home Depot has become one of the nation’s leading home improvement retailers. Home Depot employs over 28,000 people in 182 stores across Canada. In these editorial photos, shot on location in the Garden Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba, one such employee stands, smiling, in the apron that reads “We are The Home Depot.”

The Home Depot associate, Sharon, stands in front of several rows of potted plants and flowers in the store’s outdoor Garden Center. Gardening gloves clipped to Sharon’s apron hang down at her side. A full shot is used in order to show the subject in her work space. The full shot, also known as a long shot in photography, is effective for storytelling because it shows the subject in the context of their surroundings. The plants in the foreground help to add interest and draw the eye in.

Environmental portrait in the garden centre. © robert lowdon

Environmental portrait in the Garden Centre. © Robert Lowdon

Employee, Sharon, is all smiles as she stands in front of several rows of potted plants and flowers at The Home Depot’s Garden Center. This editorial portrait, captures the subject from approximately waist up, emphasizing the emotion on her face, while also including some of the surrounding area.

Using lighting to make the subject pop out of the background. © robert lowdon

Using lighting to make the subject pop out of the background. © Robert Lowdon

In this photograph, Home Depot employee, Sharon, is central to the shot, with the frame cropped in around her, but still allowing for some of the surroundings to be seen.

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