Laboratory Photography for Noblegen

Written by Robert Lowdon

Robert Lowdon is an internationally published commercial photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He spends his time photographing architecture and industrial projects for the most part.

Published January 20, 2020

Laboratories are interesting places to photograph. You have researchers and scientists at the forefront of science creating tomorrow’s miracle. Laboratories are secure areas few people even get to enter. The mission: I want to create uniqueness in the look of the laboratory photography we deliver, but I want to keep the images honest. For Noblegen, the goal was create some really great photography for their website and marketing materials.

A lot of what a person might see in medical stock photos is not true to reality. The goal is to create honest images, that sparkle on their own with a little help from photographic lighting.

Laboratory Photography

Creating a solution. © robert lowdon

Lab worker prepares solutions. © robert lowdon

Worker loads laboratory machine. © robert lowdon
Lab technician inspect vial for results. © robert lowdon

Lab worker in front of microscope. © robert lowdon

Open laboratory office. © robert lowdon.

Workers examine results. © robert lowdon

Researchers pose in office environment. © robert lowdon

Two researchers talk. © robert lowdon

Candid image in laboratory. © robert lowdon
Lab team in office area. © robert lowdon
Laboratory-photography-_12. Jpg
Laboratory-photography-_13. Jpg

I am using creative lighting in a number of these images. Specifically the blue and purple colors in certain images. I wanted to add a bit of color to the shots for more dramatic effect. I wanted the lab to look bright, clean, and almost spring like. I believe that comes through in these laboratory images. This is one area of commercial photography that I have specialized in for a few years now.

Pouring solution in to petri dish. © robert lowdon

Test tubes etc. © robert lowdon

Large glass containers © robert lowdon

Lab worker on other side of shelf. © robert lowdon

Inside view of dryer. © robert lowdon

Inspecting samples in lab. © robert lowdon

Retrieving samples from nitrous oxide bath. © robert lowdon

If you have any questions about the services my company provides please send me message at the contact tab above. I am always happy to talk about how I can help your medial company stand out from the pack with new laboratory photography. Also feel free to have a look at other examples of industrial photography projects we have photographed.

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