Focusing on Fun and Excitement at Elements Casino

Written by Robert Lowdon

Robert Lowdon is an internationally published commercial photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He spends his time photographing architecture and industrial projects for the most part.

Published March 10, 2020

A casino employee

Player roles dice toward camera, in a casino table game. © robert lowdon

We are fortunate to be able to photograph a variety of exciting venues throughout the year, and help them promote their amazing businesses. One great example of this type of venue was the Elements Casino in Brantford, Ontario. The company hired our principle photographer, Robert Lowdon to take photos of the casino and highlight the fun and excitement that it has to offer. This is a great casino venue with a pub, great food and live entertainment on the weekends. You can check them out at

Casino-photography-008. Jpg

One way to add excitement to a photograph, is to capture the action that is taking place. Robert was able to achieve this in the following photographs – take note of the flying dice and flying cards. You can almost hear the laughs and hoots of the players, the binging noises of the slot machines and the dice hitting the table.

Customers cheering on player ©robert lowdon

Player rolls dice in craps game ©robert lowdon

Customers cheering on player ©robert lowdon
Players anticipating results of dice roll ©robert lowdon

Snake eyes ©robert lowdon

Dealer passes winning chips ©robert lowdon

Alternate dealer passing chips ©robert lowdon

In the middle of a blackjack game ©robert lowdon

Having fun at the casino ©robert lowdon

Stressful calculations at the blackjack table ©robert lowdon

Player realizes he has the winning hand ©robert lowdon

Dealing cards ©robert lowdon

Anticipating a possible win ©robert lowdon

Player realizes he has the winning hand ©robert lowdon

Anticipating a possible win ©robert lowdon

Players showing their poker faces ©robert lowdon

Player realizes she has the winning hand ©robert lowdon

Player realizes he has the losing hand ©robert lowdon

Happy winner ©robert lowdon

Winning hand ©robert lowdon

Player poses with winning poker hand. © robert lowdon

Casino-photography-023. Jpg

Elements Casino also wanted to portray their incredible venue and can now use these photos for their promotional campaigns.

Robert was able to illustrate the fun experience that these customers can expect to have at their venue through the following photos.

Slot machines on the gaming floor of the casino ©robert lowdon

Staff member on casino floor © robert lowdon

Staff member seated in front of slot machines. © robert lowdon

Mouth-watering entrée ©robert lowdon

Plated meal featuring restaurant food for advertising. ©robert lowdon

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