Why Professional Photography Improves Online Business Presence

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Published October 6, 2021

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What does your “digital first impression” say about your business? Oftentimes, consumers are making snap judgments about businesses, organizations, and freelancers in a matter of seconds, solely based upon their online presence. Factoring into that equation is your website.

Three out of every four individuals will make a quick decision about your business credibility and value based on your website’s aesthetic looks. This places a lot of pressure of businesses to ensure that their digital domains are modern, stimulating, and well-organized. Now you might be thinking, “Okay! I just need to hire a great web designer.” But more goes into it than just the work of a talented front-end designer.

You need photography — and high-quality custom photography assets at that.

It’s a fact that visuals are powerful. The whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” saying might be cliché, but there’s some truth to it. People like to consume information and entertainment via imagery. It’s why you probably turn the TV on instead of picking up that book you have on the coffee table. The same human behavior applies when looking at your online business presence.

Professional photography is critical for establishing website branding, social media engagement, and more. The data backs it up too. Those who incorporate web copy that is paired with relevant photography dramatically see their chances increase for visitors to retain the information later on. Just think about that, because of powerful photography assets you can help ensure that people who come in contact with your online digital environment are more likely to remember who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Additionally, professional photography is not only beneficial from a user engagement standpoint but also from an SEO and algorithm perspective. Search engines like Google or platforms like Instagram favor pages and accounts that use high-quality photography or video assets as it adds further depth and value for a potential viewer.

Photography Assets to Dump

This practice still exists and it is ruining your online presence. I’m talking about stock photos. You can jump between two business websites or social media channels and notice right away who features custom professional photography, and who uses Shutterstock or Getty Images for their visuals.

The difference is clear.

Stock photography comes off as artificial, sterile, and generic. It fails to differentiate itself from the millions of other duplicated stock images floating across the internet. Using stock photography can seem like an economical and efficient choice, many photos are free or available for a manageable price, and they can be instantly downloaded, ready for use.

But in the long run, your business’s online presence is going to suffer.

These photos are going to:

  • Diminish value for your visitor
  • Not properly match your unique content
  • Cheapen your brand identity

In the end, stock photos are easy to notice and lack the ability to generate a personal connection with consumers. Today, people are wanting to know the brands and businesses they support, and not just buy their product or service because they like it. Plastering these inauthentic visuals across your digital environment is a bad investment and one that will cost you potential revenue.

How Professional Photography Assets Improve Your Digital Image

Provides a Unique Experience

Professional photography assets allow businesses to create a personalized, unique experience for individuals who interact with their online domain and profiles. These digital assets are one of one, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd of businesses that all have a similar look and feel. A professional photographer will be able to deliver assets that match your narrative and mission, helping showcase why you’re different from the competition.

Matches a Demanding Visual Society

When a business decides to hire a professional photographer, they are keeping pace with the new age. Society is heavily invested and stimulated by custom, authentic visuals. Professional photography captures and holds attention longer than stock photos. High-quality video is the preferred choice of content consumption for today’s consumers. Now many consumers won’t look twice at a company that has ugly or unprofessional imagery attached to its online presence. In this case, looks actually do matter.

Improves Your Industry Standing

Regardless of industry type, there is a hierarchy amongst the players. Industry leaders have a polished and professional online presence, from the visual images they use to how they communicate with their audience — it is all top tier. By using high-quality professional photography, regardless of your company size, you can elevate your company status within the industry in the eyes of both consumers and peers. An improved online presence and a climbing position within your industry leads to more sales and better business confidence from both your team and the audience you advertise to.

Need to Hire a Professional Photographer in Toronto?

If you’re in need of professional photography resources, contact us. As a business owner myself, I understand how important it is to market successfully. High-quality photography is now an essential part of any business. I specialize in a variety of photography areas and have worked with hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs to help take their brand to the next level.

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