7 Reasons Why Architecture Firms Should Invest in Architectural Photography

Written by Robert Lowdon

Robert Lowdon is an internationally published commercial photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He spends his time photographing architecture and industrial projects for the most part.

Published June 17, 2021

7 Reasons Why Architecture Firms Should Invest in Architectural Photography

Architectural photography… you might be scratching your head, “doesn’t beautiful architecture sell itself?” The answer is not really. No matter how talented an architecture firm is, or how well-known their work may be, in 2021 architectural photography is a necessity. But first, what is an architectural photographer, and what exactly are you getting with your money?

An architectural photographer is an individual who specializes in photographing a variety of architecture products, from skyscrapers to artistic works like furniture and sculptures. This type of photographer will have deep experience in understanding how to best represent the architecture piece(s) for audiences to consume. A specialized photographer like this will be able to best capture the beauty, and unique aspects of your creations for a variety of advertising purposes.

In hiring an architectural photographer, you are paying for an expert in the field. They will possess a holistic knowledge of how to best depict and document non-life-like structures. This individual will be able to capture images with a variety of cameras from different angles, and then deliver a library of properly edited photos for your use.

By enlisting the services of a professional photographer to handle your architectural photography needs, you are making a positive investment in your business both today and in the future. Here are seven specific reasons why an architecture firm can benefit from professional architectural photography.

#1 – Many Architecture Firm’s Don’t Invest in Photography

Today, there are plenty of competitive architecture firms out there. However, most do not have professional photography assets. Architectural photography is a straightforward way for firms to get a leg up on their competitors, and differentiate themselves from the pack. By investing in architectural photography, you are able to showcase your work in the most authentic and accessible way possible (outside seeing the architecture in person). With many firms relying on what they say and describe, you can let your work speak for itself.

#2 – Ability to Advertise Your Work in a Variety of Mediums

Photography is a versatile medium. It can be used to advertise in nearly any way possible, such as framed photography for an office lobby, digital assets to be placed in magazines, social media posting, email marketing, video creation, and the list goes on. Advertising your work is critical, and showing that through the right medium is equally important. With photography deliverables, architecture firms have a library of assets that can be molded to any marketing need they see fit.

#3 – Build a Useful Portfolio

Architecture is a type of art. It is a combination of creative thought and mathematical engineering. Art is better witnessed than described. People feel certain emotions when seeing architectural designs, versus just reading about them. By investing in architectural photography, you can provide prospective clients with a portfolio that properly displays your work and gives them an accurate representation of your skill and ability. This enables them to form their own opinion about your work based upon what matters most… your work.

#4 – Make a Good First Impression With Clients

First impressions matter, both in personal and professional life. When architecture firms are meeting with potential clients or other interested parties, it is a great opportunity to get off on the right foot by being able to show your potential client(s) your creations. Without them having to ask, you can provide a portfolio of work, or if they are visiting your website, they can view a digital gallery. Clients most importantly want to see your architecture, and professional photography delivers that.

#5 – We Live in a Visual World

The world has undergone a lot of changes in recent years, including consumer habits. The world is more visual than ever before. Photography and video dominate everyday life, as people prefer to consume information visually, rather than through audio or text. Architectural photography meets the consumer where they live. It grabs attention and captivates minds, helping cut through all the digital clutter that exists in marketing and social media platforms. Beautiful imagery gets noticed, and that pays off for architecture firms who want to properly leverage their work to gain more business.

#6 – Illustrates Your Style and Methods

There is no better way to explain your style or design method than showing it off. Architectural photography can illustrate what makes your firm unique, exciting, and innovative. A professional photographer will work to capture images that highlight your firm’s talent and skill. By taking photos at different times of the day, from different angles, and with different equipment, a photographer can present your work in a light that might not even be possible if viewing it in person. There is no better way for a client to get inside your firm’s creative mind than visually taking in your creative style.

#7 – Photography Expertise

Anyone with a smartphone or DSLR camera can snap a few photos and post them on the internet. However, these photos may be poorly framed, feature bad lighting, grossly edited, badly pixelated, or wrongly formatted. This downgrades the quality of an architecture firm’s work and can be a turn-off to clients. To best represent your creations, it is the best investment to hire a professional architectural photographer who understands how to accurately depict your work in all environments and scenarios. Your work is precise and expertly crafted, use the right professional to showcase it.

Do You Need Architectural Photography?

If you’re in need of professional photography resources, contact us. High-quality photography is now an essential part of any business. We specialize in a variety of photography areas, including several types of architectural photography, and have worked with numerous firms to create a library of assets that highlights their experience and skill.

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