Why Corporate Photography is a Necessary Investment in the Era of COVID-19

Written by Robert Lowdon

Robert Lowdon is an internationally published commercial photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. He spends his time photographing architecture and industrial projects for the most part.

Published July 9, 2021

Workers pose for promo shot

COVID-19 has affected nearly every business in some fashion, with many of these impacts causing significant financial strain. Navigating the pandemic environment has put companies in a tricky position, as their daily operations have been interrupted or slowed, and their monetary flexibility has been tested. This has lead businesses to reevaluating their budgets, examining what investments will help generate revenue, and how to remain engaged with their target audience.

One important avenue that businesses may be overlooking during the COVID-19 pandemic is corporate photography. While corporate photography may seem like a passive or accessory investment in the current global health climate, it actually serves as an active measure in your commitment to customers and transparency.

If a business is needing to cut expenses and “tighten the belt,” marketing might be one of the first departments to experience the financial pinch. However, as COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen around the world, now is the time to plug more money into your marketing efforts to reengage with your audience. Companies need to visually display that they are open for business, remind what products or services are available, and showcase the faces that are making these things possible.

Corporate photography services consist of a wide gamut of options. It is not just the stereotypical in-studio headshots that many associate it with. Instead, corporate photography encompasses any branded photography that elevates and promotes a business’s team, services, products, or initiatives.

Here are three reasons why your business needs to invest in corporate photography in the era of COVID-19:

1. Your Business Needs Increased Visibility

COVID-19 has hung a cloud over the economy. For more than a year, it has forced many businesses to shut their doors and turn away customers. Even eCommerce and online businesses have experienced a disruption in workflow. While most of the world has been kept inside for months and months, and as the economies ramp up in phases, consumers are ready to restart their previous buying habits.

Now is the time for businesses to use corporate photography as a way to re-introduce themselves to their target audience. Branded photography helps announce that you are open for business and ready to serve your customers. Even loyal consumers need to be reminded that you exist and are ready to meet their needs once again. This increased visibility will help keep you top of mind.

2. People Want To Feel a Connection Now More Than Ever

People have always preferred to buy from people they know, or brands they feel a connection to. COVID-19 has caused tremendous amounts of isolation and a loss of human connection. This has impacted both personal and business relationships in a negative way. We as individuals are craving a return to normal interactions. We want to see people face-to-face, we want to shake hands, and we want to know those around us.

Corporate business photography is a cost-effective, straightforward way for businesses to connect with existing and new customers. Professional photography gives businesses the opportunity to showcase the hardworking individuals that make their operations run — giving a humanizing element to your corporate logo. It allows you to highlight the high-quality products you offer or the exceptional processes attached to the services. Visual images give customers the ability to connect on a deeper level, a feeling they have missed since the start of the pandemic — and a reason to buy from your business.

3. You’re Meeting People Where They Now Live

Since the start of the national lock downs, people have been spending more time indoors. Many have moved to work from home situations. During this time, people from nearly every country have been spending even more time on their phones, tablets, and laptops. We have resorted to the internet to be entertained, to work, and to just pass the time. As consumers are now “living full-time” online, with more daytime spent as screen time, corporate photography becomes an investment that pays significant dividends.

High-quality corporate photography enables businesses to connect with their customer base through multi-touch points online. By using corporate photography assets, you are positioning yourself to meet with consumers where they are now located. Instead of gaining attention from people walking by your store or from word of mouth, visual digital assets are the best way to capture customers’ eyes. Whether via your website, social media, email marketing, or other advertising avenues, corporate photography enables you to display your company personality and key selling points in a medium that now houses the modern buyer.

Are You in Need of Corporate Photography?

Hiring a corporate photography company is a smart investment for any business, especially during the COVID-19 era. As a business owner myself, I understand how important it is to market successfully. High-quality photography is now an essential part of any modern digital presence. We specialize in a variety of photography areas and have worked with hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs to help take their brand to the next level. Contact us to schedule a shoot.

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