Using Interior Architecture Photography to Get Your Business Featured in Magazines

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Published March 28, 2022

drone photography of art deco building in toronto at dusk

So…. How Do You Get Your Business in Magazines?

Interior architecture photography… what a mouthful — and an incorrect mouthful at that. Those in the industry know that interior architectural photography is the traditionally used phrasing, but however you want to say it, it means the same thing. That being said, it is absolutely necessary.

Anyway, this specialized form of photography (aka: interior architectural photography) holds several benefits for a variety of enterprise-level businesses. Today, modern consumers are best stimulated by unique and original visuals. As attention spans shrink and competition intensifies in all industry sectors and verticals, maximizing marketing efforts becomes even more important.

Whether you are an architect, have a high-end construction company, an interior design group, or any other visual-focused business, interior architecture photography presents a straightforward way to bring the room or building to life — right in front of the viewer. While many say print is dead, that is simply a false reality, as magazines are still a coveted news and entertainment medium. Consumers still subscribe to a wide variety of magazines, whether via a physical or digital copy, turning magazine ad space into a useful source to get your business featured.

There are two primary options to get your business in magazines. Both of which center on the use of interior architecture photography. If your business is lucky enough to have a story featured in the magazine, interior architecture photography is almost a necessity to accompany the article in question. By having photography assets to pair with the written piece, added context, depth, and engagement are an end result.

The second use of interior architecture photography is using this imagery to place ads within the available magazine space. Magazine ads have always been a staple to the content medium, and continue to be a major focal point to any consumer — even those who may have little to no interest in your business.

Why Your Business Should Still Care About Magazine Advertising

With magazines being so versatile in nature, there is a publication and respective audience to fit any enterprise business. As magazines can range from serving high-class consumers with extravagant taste to magazines that hit on niche audiences, there is an opportunity to gain more eyes on your business.

Currently, over 7,000 active print magazines are in circulation in the United States, and between the years of 2016 and 2020, the total number of magazine readers (in the U.S.) remained above 220 million for each year. While new digital avenues like social media present low-cost, high impression possibilities when it comes to showcasing your business, those touchpoints are often less valuable than what a magazine can provide.

The issue facing digital marketing is that many ads and posts delivered through platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, or other networks are just a drop in the bucket to what consumers are exposed to in their never-ending feed. Magazines are able to deliver more intentional interactions with their consumers due to it being a more physically active task to engage with a magazine, regardless of whether it is a physical or e-version. Additionally, magazines are able to project larger scale imagery to the reader than what a smartphone screen provides, as well as only being a finite amount of pages and content — pushing back against the issue of an endless scrolling feed.

Wide shot of store interior

How Businesses Are Specifically Using Interior Architecture Photography

To be effective, the photography assets have to be good. Often interior architecture photography is going to feature imagery that on face value might not seem the most exciting — therefore, the job is to turn the ordinary into the eye-catching. This all has to be done while matching the likes, preferences, and positive triggers for a target audience or specific readership.

So how are businesses turning interior architecture photography into magazine feature opportunities?


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Turning The Inside Out

The past two years have been anything but predictable. Enterprises have had to rework their business models overnight and we as individuals spent a significant amount of time apart from everyday life. With so much business and personal isolation occurring, in 2022, people are ready for normality to return. Re-establishing that connection with businesses and their customer base during this phase is essential.

So to rebuild that partnership, consumer interest, and eventual customer loyalty, forward-thinking businesses are leveraging interior architecture photography in a way that reintroduces themselves to their target audience. This is accomplished by showcasing photos of your headquarters, branch offices, store locations, gallery exhibitions, team members, and so on. Long story short… interior architecture photography is a brand awareness solution that can be landed in magazines.

Allowing Unique Characteristics To Talk

Bold actions can often pay their dividends. Today, businesses care about grabbing attention, concentrating that attention, and then turning it into some type of positive action. From a magazine’s perspective, they are also motivated to ensure their publication is as engaging and worth the investment of the reader. Therefore, editors are regularly looking for unique and original photography to fill their ad spaces.

Interior architecture photography is a commonly preferred asset type by magazines as the photography subjects do a good job of filling the larger graphic spaces available. Additionally, interior architecture can be both stimulating and not distracting. This gives magazines the ability to fill ad space without concern of disrupting the magazine’s layout, aesthetic, values, etc.

This gives businesses of all industries the ability to market their company to the right audience in the right magazine. It starts with creative brainstorming that asks, “How can I best highlight the ins and outs of this organization through the architecture that holds it together?” While that sounds very metaphorical, it’s really just sitting down with a team and figuring out what visually makes us, us.

Get your business in magazines

Night falls at the fairmont hotel, ottawa.

How Do You Get Your Company Published in a Magazine?

That all sounds great, right? So how to get magazines to write about your business? Without the know-how, your business will just be sitting on interior architecture photography assets and missing out on branding and potential revenue-driving opportunities.

How to get your business published:

Research industry publications that align with your business and desired target audience. It is important that your brand’s mission and vision would resonate with the readers of the magazine.

Identify the right contact person at the publication, normally the editor-in-chief or managing editor, and provide reasoning behind why your business would fit with their magazine. This could be in regards to a feature story or buying ad space.

Prepare to provide the necessary and best reflective photography assets such as interior photos, logos, headshots, etc.

If the publication is interested, set up a time for the journalist to interview you and relevant business leaders for the story. If buying ad space, set a date to talk with those in charge of the magazine layout and ad spots. Often there is also an option to pay to be featured in magazine and this could be a viable option.

Do You Need Interior Architecture Photography Services?

If you’re in need of professional photography resources, contact us today. As a business owner, Robert understands how important it is to market successfully. High-quality photography is now an essential part to get featured in publications. With specialization in a variety of photography areas and has worked with hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs over his career, Robert is able to take your brand to the next level.

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