Capturing Art Through Art: 5 Reasons Why Architectural Photography Is Essential

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Published September 17, 2020

Those who prefer to look at a series of images over reading are far from alone. According to recent statistics, about 65% of people around the world are visual learners!

This is an essential fact to remember for those designing a website, especially for an architecture firm or related business. Here, we’re going to take a look at the importance of photography in architecture at engaging viewers and getting more clients, so read on to learn some ways that images and media can make any web page flourish!

Mississauga architectural photography is essential

Famous mississauga architecture – marilyn monroe tower

Why is Architectural Photography Essential:

1. Most People Prefer Visuals

Online engagement in recent years has revealed that visual content is significantly more interesting to users than text is. In fact, Tweets with images attached to them get 94% more shares than those without attachments do. People are also able to process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than they can process text-based content, which makes them more receptive to things that they learn in images and multimedia.

Because people have such a heavy preference for multimedia content, it’s essential that any website has a healthy amount of images. No one wants to click on a site and see nothing but a wall of text- they’re likely to click away without even learning about the service. For architecture firms and building designers, this is especially problematic because of the niche audience that they must appeal to.

Architects and graphic designers who may want to hire photographers are generally visual people. This is because they view things in terms of sketches and potential designs. They also only constitute a small percentage of the population. With such a small target audience, architecture firms need to do all in their power to make themselves memorable and stand out above the competition.

The bottom line is that architecture photos make any site more memorable and more shareable. This allows the page to develop more engagement and therefore boosts visibility showing why architectural photography is essential.

2. You Can Show Off Multiple Angles

Buildings are incredibly complex and need to be viewed at multiple angles in order to get a full feel for what they look like. An office building or skyscraper may look like one sort of structure from one angle but look entirely different from another one. Since asymmetry is an en vogue 2020 architecture trend, this is even more the case recently than it ever was before.

Taking multiple pictures of the same building from above, below, and at each side ensures that viewers can see what a building looks like in its entirety. They can decide whether or not they like the cohesive aesthetic that it boasts. They also will be able to see all of the materials that make up the structure and whether or not they like the way that the designers used these different materials.

This will allow potential clients to get a feel for what the firm can do. Architectural photography is essential to the point that a client’s favored style matches up with the designer’s vision, this is an important step in the process of forming client-architect contracts and beginning to build a better world.

3. It Features a Building as Part of the Environment

Because photos are taken at multiple angles- and with multiple different lenses and objectives- architecture photography captures the essence of a building. While real estate photos are intended to sell buildings, this isn’t the only purpose of architectural photography. Taking images of office buildings, skyscrapers, and residential structures for architecture pages and magazines is intended as a way to capture the spirit of the building and the vision of the designer. Beautiful images and featuring the building in it’s natural setting will be the two key factors for the best images.

Professional photographers always keep these goals in mind when they set up photoshoots. One of the best things about hiring an expert is that they have all the tools they need to get both above the building and level with different features of it. This allows them to show off some of the best features of the building high above the ground.

Since these angles and features are important to understanding the aesthetic of the structure, it’s really important that these pictures are displayed prominently in multiple ways!

4. Images Are Easy to Share

But what ways are there to share images? Well, it’s likely not a surprise that there are a multitude of ways that pictures can be distributed to an interested audience.

One of the greatest ones is, of course, on an official website for your design or architecture firm. Since a website only has about 15 seconds to engage users before they click away, it’s critical that these pages feature their photographs front-and-center on their home pages.

Similarly, social media pages are a place that images can be shared. Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, Instagram are all platforms that photos are featured prominently on. Posting on these sites makes it likely that a firm’s professional images will be shared and shown to more people.

Many people don’t consider this, but print versions of architecture photographs can be displayed in physical office spaces! Beautiful photos will serve to remind employees in these locations of their career visions and missions (and will just additionally be an awesome way to spice up a professional space). Photographs also illustrate what a firm does for visitors who walk in through the door, come in for consultations, or decide to discuss their contracts in person. Another great reason why architectural photography is essential

5. Architectural Photography Tells a Story

Finally, like all photos, architectural photography tells a story.

There are many ways that firms and designers can use this to their advantage. One of the main ways that they can do this is by telling the story of a building. Showing one of their proudest projects at multiple stages of development is an awesome way to inform people about your process and show them what they can do.

Firms can also have images taken of different sets of buildings that they’ve created. For example, a portfolio of solely skyscrapers or commercial spaces will illustrate the style that professionals at that firm use for different kinds of projects. This tells a story of how people view those buildings and how their style has developed over time.

Types of Architectural Photography

There are many different types of architectural photography, each with its own unique challenges and rewards. One of the most popular types is interior photography, which requires a keen eye for detail and an ability to capture the mood of a space. Another popular type is exterior photography, which often involves capturing the grandeur of a building against the backdrop of a cityscape. Other types of architectural photography can involve landscape photography, cityscape photography, and even aerial photography.

At Robert Lowdon Photography we like to break our architectural photography down in to four different subject categories. They are:

  1. Commercial Architectural Photography
  2. Industrial Architectural Photography
  3. Residential Architectural Photography
  4. Institutional Architectural Photography

More on Why Architectural Photography is Essential

While there are a lot of ways that designers can make their website more appealing to visitors, incorporating photos is one of the best possible things that they can do. This is especially the case for architecture firms, who need to show off the designs that they’ve worked on to contract with new clients.

Once one makes the decision to incorporate architecture photography into their portfolio or website, professional photography services are a must.

Contact a photographer you with more information about the project that you are looking to have completed. We are happy to help you create and execute a plan for taking gorgeous photos utilizing proper architectural photography composition of any building. We will create a customized plan to execute your business goals.

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