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The City of Hamilton is a community of communities naturally defined by the Hamilton Harbour and the Niagara Escarpment. It offers a broad mix of things to see and do, from museums to libraries and parks to conservation areas, as well as numerous entertainment venues for music and sports fans alike.

Hamilton’s business community is composed of countless small businesses and retailers lining downtown’s James Street North, the East side’s Ottawa Street, the west side’s Westdale Village, and ‘the mountain’s’ Concession Street. Polished modernity, historic charm, and simple unpretentiousness make Hamilton’s retail spaces some of the most interesting in the Golden Horseshoe.

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Robert Lowdon Photography specializes in photographing all types of stores throughout Canada. From small single location operations to large international chains, we can create amazing images for your Hamilton retail operation.


Retail Store Interiors

When we photograph retail interiors, attention to detail is paramount. There are many lighting considerations to be made when it comes to photographing store interiors. We will meet every challenge head-on and ensure that the space is properly lit to showcase your store and products.

Applying an understanding of composition, we will create photographs that provide a glimpse inside the retail space without appearing too cluttered or busy. Photographs that make your clients want to visit instead of never visiting in the first place.

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Retail Store Exteriors

When it comes to photographing store fronts, we want to help you make a strong first impression by creating images that pique customers’ interest and inspire them to visit in person. It is about capturing the essence of your business.

What makes your space unique? What do you want to showcase to customers? Allow us to use our skill, experience, and creative eye to produce unique, attractive images for your business. Images that get customers into your store and buying product. We specialize in both in mall and stand alone retail outlets.

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We are Different than the Rest

When it comes to photographing retail stores in Hamilton, no one does it quite like us. With specialized training and expertise in this niche, we know exactly how to capture the unique beauty of these structures.

Using a combination of lighting techniques, specialized equipment, and careful selection of vantage points, we are able to produce stunning photographs that truly showcase the dynamics of the retail environment.

As true experts in the field of retail photography, we take pride in serving businesses in Hamilton and its surrounding areas. Trust us to bring out the best in your store through our unrivaled skills and passion for architectural photography.

Our Work

Just a small sample of some of the great projects we have been happy to be a part of throughout Canada.


Photographing retail stores can be exceptionally difficult without the right training and proper equipment. You need an architectural photographer who has years of experience photographing the retail environment.

Great store photos take time to produce. We take the time to light the interior of each project we work on. This results in a better image with rich color tones, full of depth and free of any noise.

We use state of the art post production software. This allows us to eliminate color casts, even out lighting and combine multiple exposures. All of this produces inviting images that are full of detail and clarity.

Using super wide angle lenses can be tricky and it takes training to know how to use these lenses properly. The retail photographer must take care to avoid distortion and produce a final image that is accurate to the eye.

Now for the most important reason to hire a Calgary retail store photographer. Great photos get customers into your store. They increase foot traffic which increases revenue and impacts your bottom line.


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As a professional photographer, Robert has years of experience working on different job sites around Canada. Our company believes in creating a collaborative experience for our clients. We use state of the art equipment, are professionally trained in photography, and licensed to carry out advanced drone operations.

We have industry standard safety training. We are comfortable working at heights, in adverse environments, and know how to work with proper care around heavy machinery.

We produce high quality images that help our clients win business. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and getting the job done well.

We guarantee the quality of our work from start to finish.

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