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Industrial architectural photography is used for warehouses, factories and manufacturing projects and is often photographed in stages from the beginning of construction to completion. Industrial building photography creates a portfolio of images for architects, builders and designers that can help award new contracts. With top-of-the-line equipment, including specialty lenses and lighting systems, we have the tools required to deliver exceptional images of industrial architecture across Toronto and Canada.

Below is our industrial architectural photography portfolio featuring past photographs with a strong focus on industrial building projects. 

Industrial building photography

Industrial Architecture

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Industrial architectural photography focuses on any building or structure used for industrial purposes. Anything from warehouses to factories, or simply any space used to produce a good or support infrastructure for a service. Think of a manufacturing hub as a good example of this.

Industrial architectural photography will showcase the structure, it’s materials and story, from a unique perspective.

In addition to creating images that convey the features of the space, industrial architectural photographers also strive to create interesting compositions with texture, light and shadow. By paying attention to details like color palette, textures, symmetry and foreground.

We are leaders in industrial architectural photography.

Understanding your Project & Your Goals


Industrial projects can be tricky to photograph. They are live sites with workers, many moving parts, multiple projects and lots of activity. There are often hazards on site and we understand how to work in these environments and are trained to do so.

We aim to capture the unique and dynamic stages these spaces offer, while operating safely and efficiently to avoid disruption of schedules.  We can help you showcase the hard work that goes into construction, manufacturing, and engineering.

We use a variety of specialized techniques to photograph these places, including aerial photography using drones for overhead shots. This gives us a unique perspective in capturing large scale projects, such as mining sites, oil and gas refineries or steel mills.

Safety Standards

We understand the importance of safety compliance, communication and workplace regulations. We always have the proper PPE and workplace safety training to be able to operate on site.

We also know how important it is to convey safety standards in the photographs we take. We take the time to understand the regulations or what PPE is required on a site and ensure it is followed. We take responsibility along with our client’s and their teams to ensure the photos are an accurate representation of the safety protocols. The last thing we want is to deliver an unusable photo because it goes against industry regulations.

Video, Aerial Images, & Drone Photography

Our company can provide aerial images of large building sites, finished projects and just about anything else in between from the air. These images can provide a dynamic vantage point, where traditional photography cannot compete. Areas of urban design can specifically benefit from this style of photography to showcase the overall scale of the project.

We are certified by Transport Canada to conduct advanced drone photography operations throughout Canada. We can fly in restricted areas and handle any permits and permissions that may be needed.

We can scale to any size, whether that might require airplanes or photography from helicopters.  If you need an architectural photo of a project that is hard to get, drones might be the answer.

Commited to Quality

We are proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our photography services. You can be confident you are going to get great photographs that exceed your standards, because we guarantee it.

Get in touch. We will build a custom quote for your business. We can tailor our deliverables to meet your specific goals while working within your budget.

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