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Architectural Photography

Ottawa is home to a wide variety of architectural styles, from the grandiose Gothic revival of the Parliament Buildings to the sleek modernism of Ottawa City Hall. As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa has long been a showcase for the country’s architectural talent.

Ottawa is also home to a number of important historical buildings, such as Rideau Hall, the official residence of Canada’s Governor General, and the National Gallery of Canada seen to your right. Ottawa’s architecture is a reflection of the city’s diversity, with buildings from a wide range of periods and styles.

As experienced Ottawa architectural photographers we specialize in capturing the city’s unique architectural character.

What We Do

Architectural Photography Services in Ottawa

We help builders and architects like you show off their work in the best light possible. We create stunning images that will impress your clients and help you win more business.

Retail store photography

Retail Store Interiors

Attention to detail is crucial when it comes to photographing retail spaces. Store interiors are complex environments with many light considerations that need careful planning and execution for a successful shoot, but we’re up for anything! We’ll work closely together in order make sure every challenge gets met head-on so your clients can see how amazing you have organized this space while also wanting more time there themselves

Industrial building photography

Industrial Buildings & Warehouses

Please don’t take your brick and mortar buildings for granite. We’re all about capturing the imagination of your business with photographs.

Architecture toronto1 | robert lowdon photography

Large Buildings & Skyscrapers

When you need to create an image that will be seen by thousands, it is important for the quality of your work and its impact. We have experience capturing large buildings from every angle so no matter what size or shape they are-we’ll get them perfect!

Restaurant photography

Stand Alone Stores & Restaurants

When you’re photographing a store or restaurant, it’s important to study the structure of your subject in order create images that emphasize their unique design characteristics. We put thought and care into our photographs so they can stand out against all others with beautiful composition which brings visual interest through architectural features leading eye right towards them!

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Hotels & Hospitality

When you’re photographing hotels, corporate event centers and banquet halls with our team of photographers
we go beyond the traditional vantage points to create captivating images. We play around angles light composition for visually appealing photo sessions that will leave your attendees wanting more!

Commercial photographer robert lowdon 127 | robert lowdon photography

Office Interiors & Corporate Headquarters

We work with you to create stunning photographs that will make any room look good enough for business. With our team of experts, we’ll be able to photograph during the day or at night when there are no distractions – both options provide us ample opportunity in capturing every nook and cranny perfectly!

Indochino scarborough town centre robert lowdon photography 002 | robert lowdon photography

Retail Store Exteriors

When you need an edge in the competitive world of modern retail, it’s time for a fresh start. We can help give your business that all-important first impression with our creative eye and skilled hands to produce high quality images that will pique customers’ interest – leading them straight into your store!

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Hotel Interiors & Restaurants

We use a range of techniques to illuminate the interiors with natural and artificial lighting, so that they can be seen as warm & welcoming spaces. This is why it’s important for us not only capture what you see but also how your customers will experience these buildings from their point-of view!

Mississauga architectural photography of a retail store

What Makes Us Different?

Robert is an architectural photographer that specializes in photographing buildings of all types. He has special training to enable him to produce accurate images of structures.

Using lighting, special equipment, and unique vantage points we create stunning photographs of the built environment. Architecture is one the most difficult forms of photography, as it takes a great deal of experience, skill, and creative flair.

We are experts in the field of architectural photography and proudly serve businesses in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Our Work

Just a small taste of the amazing work we do for our clients across Canada.

Why You Need Architectural Photography

Professional photography of architecture can make all aspects of your marketing perform the way they should. Images will help customers interact with and relate to you as a brand, while also making them want more information about what it is that we have on offer for them!


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As a professional photographer, Robert has years of experience working on different job sites around Canada. Our company believes in creating a collaborative experience for our clients. We use state of the art equipment, are professionally trained in photography, and licensed to carry out advanced drone operations.

We have industry standard safety training. We are comfortable working at heights, in adverse environments, and know how to work with proper care around heavy machinery.

We produce high quality images that help our clients win business. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and getting the job done well.

We guarantee the quality of our work from start to finish.

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