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Residential photography is the key difference between showing a house and a home. After years of experience shooting homes in Toronto and Canada, our approach is to make any residential property feel warm, welcoming and inviting while featuring unique features in an artistic light. With professional residential photography, being able to picture yourself in a home has never been so easy.

Below is our residential architectural photography portfolio featuring past photographs with a strong focus on homes and living spaces. This includes images of anything from houses, to new developments and large condo buildings.

Sunset over brand new house

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Photography Services

We provide residential architecture photography that tells compelling visual stories. Our clients include leading architects, architecture firms, construction companies and developers across Canada.

Residential architects design and build homes. They create architectural designs that take into account a structure’s day-to-day functionality. This is why, the best residential architects want compelling photos to document their work.

Projects can include multi-unit residential buildings, single-family homes and more. New builds, renovations, remodeling projects and so much more.

Ensure that your business is representing its portfolio of residential architecture properly.

Commission Robert Lowdon today for inspiring and appealing residential architecture photographs.

Showcase Your Residential Architecture Work

Beautiful photography can help you to win bids on more projects and attract future clients.

Send shots of your work to magazines and print publications to raise your company profile. Get your work featured on industry websites. Improve your marketing efforts with excellent residential architecture photographs.

Use your residential architecture photographs to apply for industry awards and advertise to prospective clients.

We can help you to generate new business and also show the world your existing portfolio. See more in our architectural photography guide.

Interior & Exteriors

We can showcase your property inside and out, focusing on providing stunning images while paying attention to a high level of detail. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is captured.  Robert Lowdon Photography is based in Toronto and we provide residential photography services throughout Canada. Travel is always welcomed and we can often find economical solutions for multiple projects across North America.

We are certified by Transport Canada to conduct advanced drone photography operations throughout Canada. We can fly in restricted areas and handle any permits and permissions that may be needed.

We can scale to any size, whether that might require airplanes or photography from helicopters.  If you need an architectural photo of a projects that is hard to get, drones might be the answer.

Drone Photography

Our company can provide aerial images of your property or development. These images can provide a dynamic vantage point, where traditional photography cannot compete. Areas of urban design can specifically benefit from this style of photography to showcase the overall scale of the project. We are certified by Transport Canada to conduct advanced drone photography operations throughout Canada. We can fly in restricted areas and handle any permits and permissions that may be needed.

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Hands down, you need amazing images to attract customers to your business. Customers want to see the incredible work you can do. To get those images, you need an expert photographer from Robert Lowdon Photography.