Online Store Launches in Canada and US

I am proud to announce that in the last week the Robert Lowdon Photography Store has now launched in both Canada and the US. In the near future products will be availible in Google shopping, as well as, various other online retail locations. No longer are these beautiful fine art photographic prints available for purchase only in Winnipeg, we are able to ship all throughout North America and soon enough globally.


Numerous additions have been made to the galleries. Furthermore, I have recently added an additional 30 images that are available for purchase in the online photography store. The major focus has been on my Landscape photography as well as a new section featuring several Street photography images. Of course, new products will be added on a continuous basis.


Each print has numerous printing and finishing options, such as frames, canvas mounts and dry mounts. The total emphasis is again on quality. The work has to be new and original as it represents my artistic vision.


Look for coupon codes, and gift certificates for the upcoming Christmas season. Also, a Calendar release is planned in late 2012.


Should you have any questions about products, pricing or services, as always feel free to reach me directly at



Robert Lowdon Photography is based in Winnipeg, MB. Please feel free to send any inquires to