Ten Things to Bring to Your Photo Shoot

I'm often asked by clients, "What should I bring to my photo shoot?" So, I decided to compile a list of must-haves I always recommend to any of my clients before their shoot.


1. A Few Clothing Changes

It is always great to have a few changes of clothing when being photographed. For men, always bring a suit jacket or really any jacket as a change up. For Women, usually jeans, as well as, a skirt or dress option works well. The key  to great photographs is originality. Always try to wear articles of clothing you feel comfortable in, yet confident at the same time.


2. Music

A good song can really influence the mood of a photo shoot. I always recommend to any client to bring an iPod. We crank up the music, have a good time, and get some really good photographs.  


3. A Good Friend or Two

Again, this just adds to the level of comfort of your photography session. You can talk and interact with your friends, and most importantly laugh. 


4. Two Pairs of shoes

Always bring both a casual and a formal shoe. Again, it will add various options for different looks. Also, outdoor footwear is not allowed in the studio as mud and dirt can damage photography backgrounds and props. 


5. A Great Attitude

Have fun! Emotions always show up in photographs, they cannot be hidden. In my photography I always convey a strong sense of emotion as it portrays the humanity of the subject. It is an essential key to a great photograph.


6. Water

Stay hydrated. Even in mild cases dehydration can cause dry lips, dry skin, sunken eyes, fatigue, and headache to name just a few. If you are well hydrated you will also look younger as the skin will appear more firm. I am not saying that you should drink a gallon of water before your photo shoot, but you should be well hydrated.


7. A Small List of Ideas

In my opinion the best portrait sessions are always the ones in which both the photographer and the subject are collaborating together. 


8. Accessories or Jewelry

A necklace or a nice watch just adds to a portrait. Small items can help to show your personality in a photograph.


9. Make Up - Minimal

Make up can really enhance a portrait. Too much of it can almost ruin it. You want to apply enough to balance skin tones and enhance features. The key again is "enhance", not "over do".  


10. Optional - Coffee For Your Photographer

Because this photographer really likes his coffee. (I'm joking, this is not required)

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