8 Hilarious Photography Mistakes

My list of Top 8 Photography Mistakes, or the stuff that makes me laugh as I call it. I can assure that I have made everyone of these mistakes when I was first learning photography, wow that was about 10 years ago now. Please keep in mind I am making fun of myself as much as anyone else.


8. The Obvious Camera Hold. Enough already, please enough.


7. The Blue Face. You my friend are a victim of auto white balance. There is not really much you can do to prevent this with an automatic / compact  camera. You can fix it with post processing. If your a pro you will compensate your white balance to the colour temperature of the light source prior. 


6. The Titled Horizon. Maybe it's just me but I'm pretty sure trees do not grow naturally at 45 degree angles. Simple solution: make sure the camera is straight.


5. The Shiny Person. Urgh way too much flash. When using a compact camera turn off the flash unless you need it. The metering on these cameras is often terrible and will almost always ruin your image. You also always never want the flash close to the lens. Trying bouncing, if you can, the flash instead.


4. The Purple Dot(s). Yikes lens flare much? Flares when used properly can add a lot to an image. When done improperly they can destroy one. Keep your camera pointed away from a light source and you won't have this problem.


3. The Everything is Blurry. No, your camera doesn't suffer from astigmatism. Blurring most often occurs from slow shutter speeds. You will come across this more in dark environments. When shooting without a flash handheld you need to be at a minimum of 1/60 of a second exposure. 


2. The Red Eye. Does Aunt Gladys look like Satan in all of your photographs? Well, I'm pretty sure she hasn't been possessed by the devil. Red eye is caused by the capillaries being illuminated in the pupil of the eye by the flash of the camera.


1. The Giant Thumb. Please people I can't stress this enough keep your body parts behind the camera lens.