Photography Related Apps: Top 5

Favourite Apps


Well, it has been a while since I have had the time to do any blogging. I thought I would hammer out a quick post about my favourite photography related iPhone apps (the ones I actually use on a regular basis) before I have to run off to another client shoot.



5. MyZenfolio

I use Zenfolio for my client hosting mostly for event photography and as well, have a small online store where I sell prints. It gives me the ability to show my portfolio from anywhere without having to store the file. Also, I can upload the files directly through my iPhone which is great for time sensitive material.


4. Dropbox

I also use Dropbox quite a bit for client files; again the ability to instantly upload files, and access them from anywhere is a definite plus. Probably the best thing about Dropbox is it is free, yes free! (up to 3.5 GB). 


3. LightTrac

I absolutely love this app. The ability to see sun direction as well as sun rise and sun set times makes planning outdoor shoots an absolute breeze. Also, coupled with the map it is a powerful tool for anyone involved in landscape photography.


2. Google Earth

Want to find something new and interesting, or perhaps an area you have never been to before.  I could literally spend hours just surfing around Google Earth for different locations. It truly is an amazing world we live in.


1. Google Maps

I do not think I could function without this app, or I would just be lost all the time. Sometimes creative people need a little direction, pun intended.