What Do Your Website Images Say About Your Company

In 2011 web commerce sales amounted to $763,200,000,000 worldwide. The fact is that 97% of all retail consumers first looked online before considering a purchase. Yes that includes online and in store purchases. I'm going to say this again, 97%. So this begs the question: How are you presenting your products and services to potential customers? Are your product photos adequate? I can assure you your competition will take every advantage they can, and bad photography will turn off almost every customer there is.


Proper product photographs are an investment that can increase sales, increase customer engagement, and present your company professional manner. How many of us have looked online for a restaurant only to see badly taken photographs with a cell phone. Now let me ask you a question, did you eat there? How about that pair of jeans, did you visualize yourself wearing them? Now finally, are your potential customers taking you seriously? These are all important questions to ask when establishing or rejuvenating your brand.


Great product photographs tell the world that you are open for business. They inspire customers to purchase your products. They let the world know who your company is, and what you do.  Presenting your product and/or service in a professional manner is essential now more than ever. It is a fact today that companies who take their online presence seriously will excel and companies who do not will be left behind. That is the nature of business.


What bad product photographs have you seen and what was your reaction?