Photo Hacks: Gaffers Tape

Gaffers tape is extremely useful to have with you for any on site photo shoot. It has about a million uses and is non reflective (doesn't transmit light). But for some reason gaffers tape seems to be extremely expensive for what it is.


There is a solution, and I'm sure many fellow Canadians would be aware of it. Drum roll please; Hockey Tape.


As far as, I can tell Black hockey tape is almost identical to gaffers tape. At $3 bucks a roll you really can't go wrong.  You can buy a case for of 36 rolls for $64! One roll of gaffers tape is usually about $32. 


Expert Tip: When on site you should be taping down your electrical cords to eliminate any trip hazard. First off It's professional and never mind all the legal ramifications if someone trips and falls. More so, it is just common courtesy, no one wants to be responsible for someone getting hurt because of negligence.