Photo Hacks: Snoot


Let's face it snoots can be expensive. Well basically any light modifier is. A simple way to create a snoot effect can be easily created with common household items:


What You Will Need:


1 Roll of Fabric Based Tape

1 8x12 Piece of Reflective Poster board Paper (Silver is better but white is often great)


Step One: Roll the paper into a tight cylinder shape and hold.


Step Two: Firmly grasping one end of the cylinder place pieces of tape on the interior folding over to cover the exterior of the cylinder.


Step Three: Release the opposite end of the cylinder creating a cone shape to the desired diameter of your strobe light and place tape to hold at that diameter. The open end should fit snugly of the end of your light source preventing any light leaks.


Step Four: Place four pieces of tape attaching your newly constructed "snoot" to your light source. 


You have now created a cheap snoot that you can use when in a pinch.