Photo Hacks: Binder Clips

I just love butterfly clips. They make my job so much easier in co many different ways. Below are a few of the applications you can use these great inventions for.

Prop Up Product


Often you will want to put a slight angle on the product you are photographing to get a more flattering angle full of depth. Stick one of these underneath the product.


Attaching Gel Filters


You can use these to quickly attach gel filters to your filter holders especially useful if you are in a pinch and speed is essential. 


Model Releases


Pretty standard. Always helpful to have a stack of model releases in your bag that aren't flying everywhere.


Support For A Fill Card


You can use binder clips for a simple support for a small fill card when in need. Simply place the card stock in the clip. Fold it backwards. Done.


Photo / Press Passes


You can easily clip a press pass onto a shirt or jacket pocket. This way they are easily seen and they are not flipping around like a lanyard (I hate that).