Twitter Adds Photos to News Feed

Yesterday Twitter announced the additon of photos to their main newsfeed. As a photographer I am greatly excited by this new release. I have always found Twitter a bit restrictive because you are forced to click through a link, and really who knows what is on the other end of said link.


First of the bat, I have noticed the photos look good. They actually look really good. I had tired of Facebook quite some time ago because of, among other things, the absolutely terrible image quality. As a pro photographer I work hard to produce great work, not to have it look bad in the end.


As an added addition, some of the sharing buttons are also being displayed in the feed. I can see this helping to speed up user interaction. They're great but they ain't no picture, sorry I'm a little biased on that front.


The only problem, how long until someone abuses this feature. Currently, I have images of spammers meeting in secret back rooms plotting on how to sell the latest cure all. With any progress there is always a drawback. I guess we will have to wait and see how well this latest update works out. For me personally, I see nothing but benefits and look forward to what's next on the platform.



What are your thoughts on the update?