Finding Inspiration In Photography

Finding inspiration is a pretty tricky topic for anyone. Inspiration is so personal that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another one. Here are some tips that have worked for me in my career as a photographer and hopefully will work for you too.


Force Yourself to Never Take the Easy Way

I have this personal slogan that I don't share often. "Always The Hard Way" it's a song from a band I used to listen to quite regularly. When you push yourself as hard as you can all the time you will always get better. I always want to do my absolute best, and you should too.


Consume as Much Media As You Can

Read as much as you can, go to tons art shows, network with great people, watch great documentaries, listen to amazing music, etc. Just keep filling your brain with as much great stuff as you can. There is no limit on what the brain can learn so stick as much in there as you can.


Never Take the Safe Road

One thing about life you probably already know, or will eventually learn, is that nothing is guaranteed. We as humans are fragile creatures and life is far too short to be wasteful. There is no valid reason why you can't live your life to the absolute full potential. Get off the couch and try.


Be Original

Don't copy. Ever. Create your own work. If your photographs don't represent yourself and you are just copying another person, you are living a lie. No one likes a hack.


Expand Your Talent

When you are building anything it takes a solid foundation to get started. Great things start with small pieces. You will have to take small steps at first but always build upon them. I always try to think in terms of what steps do I need to take to get to here. When you break it down suddenly that huge impossible goal is attainable.


Work As Hard As You Can?

When you enjoy what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. Personally, I have been on both sides of this. I can remember working numerous jobs that I was absolutely miserable at, and it was terrible. No amount of money is ever a substitution for happiness.


Be Positive

Being positive is absolutely infectious. We all get angry or frustrated at times, but a positive attitude makes everything easier. When you are positive you will be eager to do everything and all these steps listed before will become second nature.


Go To Nature

We live on an amazing planet. You need to see it. Take a "Get the Hell out of Here Day" and just spend time exploring. The neat thing is you often don't need to go far to see something completely new.


Learn Everything, Then Throw it Out the Window

Ever hear someone say "Oh we can't do that". Why? Learn all the processes and techniques but never be stuck to them. You are truly being creative when you are actually creating. Not following some pre-determined guidelines because that is the way it has always been done. 


There are plenty of people who have become very successful by creating new ideas. Look at everything you own, every single thing started out as an idea. When someone says you can't, they are actually saying they can't.


What Inspires You?