The Best Lens Ever Made

Oh gear envy. How many times have we heard about the latest and greatest lens on the market? We then go into sharpness charts and all the other like trying to determine what the best lens is. The truth is the best lens ever made is the human eye, and nothing ever built can touch it. So you are probably saying what the!@#$ kind of answer is that. I'm going to let you in on a little secret that all professional photographers know already (or should know). 
The best camera lens is the one you have. Optically the differences are so minute you can never tell the difference between the qualities of various models. I have shot many professional jobs with a 50mm 1.8 because it will hands down out-perform even the most expensive zoom lens.
The key is knowing how to use your gear. This is what makes you better. As a photographer, enthusiast, or just someone who likes to take pictures you need to get over your gear envy. Accept that you are the one that is fully in control of your images. It is never some mysterious lens or new camera that makes you better. It is your culmination of experience, skills and talent which will make you a better photographer.
Put your head down and get to work. Try challenging yourself to only carry one lens; you will be surprised how much you will learn when you are forced to work with limitations.