Why Should I Hire a Professional Photographer


So why should anyone hire a Professional Photographer. There are many reasons and here are but a few.


Increase Customer Engagement


Great photographs grab a viewer’s attention. In a world where we inundated constantly with numerous messages, having the ability to cut through the congestion is a very strong asset. Since the advent of Twitter's new photo capabilities marketers have seen as much as a 400% increase in click through rates than text alone.





Why do we hire people to do anything in the first place? Well, generally the thought is we want someone who will do the job better and above our own expertise. Otherwise why hire them. When you hire a professional in any field you are getting someone with years of experience. Professionals have basically done it all and seen everything. So when difficulties arise, whatever they may be. They know how to handle them and get the job done. The old adage applies here: A Professional Attitude Leads to Professional Results.



Top Quality Imagery


Simply put, amatuers cannot deliver the same level of images as a professional. Not to be confrontational but your average amateur photographer is spending a couple of hours a week on photography, and photo related activities. A professional photographer is spending 40 hours a week, (if you’re like me it's closer to 100 hours per week). Who would you rather trust?



Creative Input


One of the greatest aspects of working with a pro is the creative process. Both the client and the photographer work together and produce great works that always exceeds expectation. Working collaboratively with clients, produces better results that both the photographer and client are happy with.



Quality Driven Results


When you are working with a person who is busy creating their life's work, they want every photograph they take to be they're absolute best. Professionals are working to advance their careers, where as amateurs are often filling time or trying to make an extra buck.



Client Relationship


Professionals build client relationships. Generally a professional looks at building client relationships as building friendships. We want our client relationships to last forever, for a one time sale. We are in this for the long haul.



On Time Delivery


Professionals make deadlines and adhere to them. I often talk about over delivering to my colleagues and it is a principle our business fiercely adheres to. A professional always looks to exceed expectations. After all people talk and our reputations bring us more business.



Professional Attitude


Returning phone calls, emails and proper attire for example are just par for the course with any professional in any field. The way one acts shows a lot of how they conduct business. Are we optimistic and always open to the next greatest thing or is everything terrible and requires some extra effort. 



Opportunity Cost


For anyone who runs a business or has taken economics you are strongly aware of opportunity costs. Opportunity cost dictates that anything we fill our time with prevents us from doing other tasks which generate us income. Put in to play if it takes you or your staff several hours to photograph something, process it and post that image that time could be spent on other things. It is why we have garbage pick up, and so many other services that allow us to spend our time as we choose.


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