New Artist Gallery Offers Winnipeg Amazing Views of the World


Robert Lowdon

The sun sets over White Sands, New Mexico

Local photographer and entrepreneur Robert Lowdon has opened a new gallery in Winnipeg's downtown SHED district, 389 Graham. The gallery features fine art photographs from Winnipeg and the world. Mountains to deserts, vast prairies to monolithic oceans.

Lowdon has teamed up with Ryan Henderson from Living Edge Furnishings to create to truly unique retail experience. Henderson's handcrafted re-purposed furniture is environmentally friendly. A true artistic experience, that is friendly to our planet.

"I have spent the last 5 years of my life on a personal mission to document the wonders of the world we live in. I feel we live in a critical time where we have the opportunity fix the devastation unleashed by global climate change and pollution. Or we have the option to do nothing, and waste the greatest gift humanity has been given. My works show how conservation can and does work right now, and that there is a path to positive change."

 389 Graham Ave. Winnipeg, MB. The gallery features a large number of pieces from all over the world. 

The gallery is now open to customers with the official launch party on October 27th at 5:00pm. You can get your tickets right here. The event is free to attend but could fill up quickly.