Inspirations: Get Off Your But and Get Noticed

I am going to start sharing a few posts around here about finding your Inspiration. Here are some of the places I find my inspiration and you can too. 


There's no denying that photography can be a hard career, but if you are anything like me you woudn't have it any other way. The things in life that are the hardest, always have the most value in the end.   


The video is hosted and created by Chase Jarvis and the creative live team. Gary Vaynerchuk goes on to share insight on the changing world of social media. Also how it is basically the same way business has been done forever. It is all about the relationship.  Ohh and by the way you should buy his book. I did and read the whole thing in one sitting. Being a photographer, a person who is constantly distracted by shiny things, that is saying something.