5 Ridiculously Simple Photography Tips

Photo Tips




5. Choose the Right Lens for the Job

Certain lenses are better for photographing certain things. For instance, you never want to use a wide angle lens to photograph a person, as it will cause a great deal of distortion. Avoid mistakes before they happen.


4. Move Around Your Subject.

You’re never stuck in one place, well most times anyway. Put out the effort and move around it’s really not a hard thing to do.


3. Use Different Vantage Points.

Standard shots just usually aren’t very good, or more so they are just boring. Try shooting either above your subject or below it. You will be amazed on how a simple change in elevation can have a dramatic effect on your images.


2. Know Your Camera.

You really need to know your camera. It shocks me how few people even know how a camera works never mind, what an aperture is. Knowing how to use your camera is just essential.


1. Shoot as Much as You Can.

Ever wonder why certain people seem to be a great deal better at photography then others. One of the greatest factors is people who do more, get more. Meaning the more you shoot the better you’ll get, and the more opportunity for amazing shots. When you shoot everyday photographing anything becomes second nature. When learning photography this is essential.


Have something to add? What are your favorite photography tips?