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Construction video | robert lowdon photography
Oct 23, 2020

How To Use Video to Promote Your Business

Creation of video engages people in a way that other social tools can’t. As a business, you can bring your personality to the forefront with video promotion.
Commercial architecture
Aug 31, 2020

Architectural Photography for a Watch Store

I really enjoy architectural photography in these types of retail spaces, as I get to flex my creative vision. They are technically difficult environments to really make shine and I like a good...
Executive planning session
Apr 08, 2020

How To Plan a Photoshoot From Start to Finish

Planning a photo shoot can be relatively easy or it can be difficult, difficult, difficult. Through my years as a commercial photographer, I have planned a lot of photo shoots. I have put together a...
Retail store photography 4 | robert lowdon photography
Feb 03, 2020

Retail Photography for Tip Top Tailors

I recently photographed a newly renovated store for Tip Top Tailors. The goal was to show the off the new store to both new and existing customers.
Laboratory photography | robert lowdon photography
Jan 20, 2020

Laboratory Photography for Noblegen

Laboratories are interesting places to photograph. You have researchers and scientists at the forefront of science creating tomorrow’s miracle. As they are secure areas few people even get to...
1 interior photo office robert lowdon 001 | robert lowdon photography
Jan 06, 2020

Interior Photography for the Lighting Industry

A little while back I had the opportunity to photograph this interior space for an international lighting manufacturer. The idea was to show the lighting fixtures in each space, and the integral...

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