Shooting The Moon Quite Literally

So this is the question: How does one photograph the moon? 


To achieve a decent moon shot more often than not you are going to need a long lens capable of projecting the moon into a larger area of the frame. For instance, this was shot with a 300mm lens and only fills up a partial area of the frame. You may want to use a longer lens or photograph the moon at ideal times.


You should pay attention to moon rise and set as during these times the moon will appear larger in the sky. When you photograph the moon you also want to always make sure that you are retaining the detail and not over exposing. The moon should never look like a white orb in the sky. 


Perfect exposure is ideally 1/250th of a second at iso 200 with an aperture of f11. Of course, exposing for the foreground will be different and you should look to make adjustments depending on what you are looking for in the final image.




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