Great Photography Communities on Google Plus

Honestly, I was kind of late in adopting Google plus as a social media platform. More and more I have been driven to become more engaged on the social media platform. Google plus is great because of how open the community is. More so they tend to cater towards photographers. The image quality is better than the other platforms, and there is just a ton of great photographers out there. Here are some of my favorite communities:


Landscape Photography


With over 222,000 members the Landscape Photography Community is one of the largest. I share here often.


Nikon Photographers


Nikon photographers is another great community that has just over 50,000 members. Most of my cameras are Nikon so I feel right at home here.


Long Exposure Photography


Who new long exposure photography was this popular. This community boasts 79,000 members. It's for all of those people who like to stand out in the elements for long periods of time, hence long exposure. No seriously, long exposure refers to a long photographic exposure time (shutter speed). Blurred water and light trails are standard here.


Google Plus Photographers


Google plus photographers is a general community pretty much for anyone who takes photographs. Membership is 57,000.


Amazing Places to See


This communty is not as much for photographers as it is for image sharing.  There is a lot of inspirational work on this page, even if your not sure from where it came.  The community has 292,000 members.