Below you will find a sampling of blog posts from our photography journal. These blog posts focus on the business of photography. We have compiled information from our experience to provide insightful tips on the business of photography as a whole, as well as how photography is useful for businesses. Some of the photography articles will delve deeper into marketing, while others will focus on how photography contributes to the growth of businesses. In addition, some articles we feature will display past assignments we have completed for our clients. It is our goal to have each of the articles be both informative and useful to the reader.

Architectural images for proposal
Oct 18, 2023

Benefits of Using Images in Client Proposals

Images can fundamentally transform the dynamics of a client proposal, enhancing its effectiveness and overall impact. When used strategically, images not only add visual interest and engage the reader’s attention, but they can also...
Executive planning session
May 10, 2022

How To Run A Successful Photo Studio

Do you want to start a photo studio? While that can be challenging, luckily I have more than a few tips to make sure it is a success. Remember success doesn't come overnight. The faster you start the process of building a photography...
Pulverized straw is ejected from the back of the machine creating the dust clouds. © robert lowdon
Sep 06, 2021

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Are you considering hiring a professional photographer for your business? If so, you’re making a smart decision. Professional photographers have the skills and experience to capture amazing images that will help promote your...
Executive planning session
Apr 08, 2020

How To Plan a Photoshoot From Start to Finish

Planning a photo shoot can be relatively easy or it can be difficult, difficult, difficult. Through my years as a commercial photographer, I have planned a lot of photo shoots. I have put together a guide, to make it easier for anyone...
Peeling the orange
May 13, 2019

Stock Photography: Story of an Orange

Today we have a pretty simple shoot, peeling an orange from start to finish. These kinds of images are really important for the Hospitality Industry, like cookbooks recipes, growers and health & wellness.
How to photograph snow
Nov 17, 2013

How to Photograph Snow

Photographing the snow can be difficult at times. Although it can be rather easy if we know what we are in for before we head out to take photos. Here are some quick photo tips to get you started taking great images of winter...