10 Reasons Everyone Wants To Be A Photographer

So you want to be photographer? Here are the absolute facts on what to expect. No not really, but here we go:


  1. Fashion Sense. Who doesn’t look attractive with a camera in their hands? (you'll notice I linked this to my bio, just sayin’)

  2. When everyone else has to drive to where they are going, you on the other hand get to ride elephants.

  3. You get to be the most important person in the room, in your own mind anyway...

  4. Everything you do is now a grandiose artistic expression. I call this creation “Epic Memories Timeless Beauty Cat Beard.”

  5. You get to annoy hundreds of people with your camera flash. Really, it is the best $500 you will ever spend.

  6. You can now have a really cool animal name, such as Bear, Wolf, or my personal favorite Camel.

  7. Everything you own can be attached to your belt. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be Batman.

  8. Instead of being strange you are now eccentric, well that’s what you keep telling yourself anyway.

  9. It is easier than being a painter.

  10. You get to make a living in a profession that you absolutely love.


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What is your favorite reason?