Case Study: Retail Store Photography for Diptyque

Written by Megan Lowdon

Megan is the Director of Operations at Robert Lowdon Photography. Megan has 10 years of experience in project management and logistics planning, having worked in the event and hospitality industry for large companies for many years.

Published November 1, 2022

The following is a case study about a photography project we completed for Diptyque, a luxury parfumerie carrying an assortment of curated perfumes, candles, as well as face and body care products. The goal of the project was to capture the architecture, design, and details of Diptyque’s very first Canadian boutique store in Yorkdale Mall, Toronto.

Our Client:

Who is Diptyque?

Diptyque was founded in France by three Parisian friends, Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant, and Desmond Knox-Leet. They opened their first store in Paris, France in 1961 and were regarded as art history experts. The founders were curators of specialized items and dreamed of opening a bazaar to showcase their work along with other artists. The group later went on to create their own products featuring; perfumes, candles, and a face & body line and is now a global enterprise.

The store is named Diptyque, which loosely translates to the word boutique, meaning a door with two identical windows on each side. Diptyque is actually the French word for Diptych which means a painting, especially an altarpiece, on two hinged wooden panels which may be closed like a book.

What Makes Diptyque Different?

Diptyque mixes the art of concocting fragrances with actual art. Their meticulous attention to detail and design is what sets them apart from other brands that offer similar products. They take care to create a story behind each piece where the design details immerse the user into the experience. Diptyque currently has 90 boutiques worldwide and is growing at rapid speeds. Diptyque traditionally sold and continues to sell its goods at luxury department stores such as Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom, but has now shifted its focus to expanding its own luxury boutiques with its first Canadian store that launched in Toronto in 2022.


Why is Retail Architectural Photography Important for Diptyque?

Although Canadians are already familiar with Diptyque products through their partnerships with luxury department stores, this new flagship store in Toronto offers Canadians their first chance to have an immersive experience with Diptyque as an entire brand. Retail photography for this project was utilized for various press releases, as well as marketing and advertising to introduce Canadians to everything Diptyque has to offer.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre is a premier shopping district in Toronto and there is always a buzz around a new luxury store launch. Conducting photography is essential in helping create that buzz and public interest.

Why are press releases beneficial?

Press releases are an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. They provide a way to communicate newsworthy information about your company to the public and can generate media coverage that can help promote your brand. Press releases can also help drive traffic to your website or social media channels, generating brand recognition.

The Process:

Storytelling & Details

Every item in the boutique is strategically and meticulously placed based on a curated plan from Diptyque’s design team. The store design was inspired by the narrative of “imagination wanders”, allowing customers to be submersed in the feeling of being in a Parisian apartment with nods to classic Parisian architecture. With the mosaic entrance, crafted moldings, central fireplace, wooden stools, and knitted tapestries, this store embodies French culture.

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Architectural Design

The store itself is just under 500 square feet and packs a rather large punch. The outside creates a quaint cottage-like feeling with green cedar shingle siding and when you enter you are greeted with some impressive brass features including a floor-to-ceiling fireplace and a large countertop complete with sink. The walls are painted a neutral colour but feature moldings that give it a touch of luxury, while the shelving is simple but well crafted giving it a handmade feel. The floor is a rustic tile that looks studiously hand-placed with a variety of colour tones that make it look like it’s been there for a very long time, in the best of ways.

Highlighting all of these creative, deliberate, and simply incredible designs and architectural features were integral in the process. Not only is the store selling candles, fragrances, and hair & body care, it is exporting you to a boutique in Paris and delivering an experience.

Finished Photos:


The final photos were used for press releases immediately after the launch of the new store, as well as for Diptyque’s website, marketing, and social media. The architectural photography we produced will also be used as a branding resource for future stores that will open in Canada.


We hope that this case study has provided you with some insights into our approach to photography and how we work with our clients to achieve their goals. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about our retail photography in Toronto and across Canada, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and see how we can help.

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