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Do you want to make a lasting first impression with potential customers?

Robert Lowdon Photography specializes in creating stunning commercial photography to help your business get the attention it deserves. We craft every image with detail and quality, inspiring imagination and building rapport with your customer.

When choosing a commercial photographer, it is crucial to pick a company that understands your business. Established brands throughout the world use our commercial photography services.

Our goal is to create an impressive portfolio of photos you can use everywhere – on websites, social media platforms, print advertising materials etc. Your images will tell a story that helps customers connect with your business.

Corporate headshot

Commercial Photography Portfolio

Our commercial photography portfolio shows just a tiny portion of some of the great projects we have worked on.

Types of Commercial Photography We Provide

At Robert Lowdon Photography, we specialize in the following areas of commercial photography:

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is a type of commercial photography that focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing images to promote products or services. Advertising photographers create eye-catching visuals that can be used in marketing campaigns to attract customers and increase sales. Through creative advertising photography, businesses can capture attention and convince viewers of their brand’s value.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is a type of commercial photography that involves capturing images of people, events and activities related to businesses. This can include headshots, teamwork, meetings, and editorial shots.

Corporate photographers strive to create meaningful moments that illustrate the unique personality of each business or organization.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the art of capturing images from the air, typically via piloted aircraft or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as a drone. Aerial photographs are taken at various angles, heights and distances to provide unique perspectives that can’t be achieved from the ground. These commercial photos can be used to market large building projects, urban developments and tourism effectively.

Construction Photography

Construction photography is a type of commercial photography that focuses on capturing images taken during the construction of buildings and infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, dams and more. It involves capturing images of the project, the construction process, workers, heavy equipment and the finished structure. Most importantly, construction photography is used to demonstrate the capabilities of a construction firm to complete major projects.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is a type of commercial photography that focuses on capturing the beauty and details of buildings, properties and the built environment. An experienced architectural photographer must capture proper angles, perspectives and textures to create stunning visuals.

Food Photography

Food photography is a type of commercial photography that focuses on capturing the visual appeal of food. It requires skillful use of lighting, framing, composition and other techniques to create beautiful images that accurately represent the dish. Professional food photographers have an eye for detail and strive to make each photo look delicious.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a type of commercial photography that captures images of people in real-world scenarios that reflect their daily lives. It conveys messages about the activities and culture of individuals, families, and communities. Professional lifestyle photographers create moments in real-world settings that depict the joy of everyday life.

Industrial Photography

Industrial photography is a type of commercial photography that focuses on capturing images of businesses, factories, industrial sites and projects related to the industrial sector. This can include manufacturing, energy, resources, transportation, and many other sectors.

Does your project require different types of photography? We can create a custom package to suit your needs.

Commercial photography of building
Commercial photography of construction
A dock worker uploading a mail truck full of parcels. This was photographed at night, with lighting.
Commercial photography of architecture - home

We Travel. Everywhere.

We serve commercial clients right across Canada. Whether local or abroad, we are ready and willing to go wherever your business needs us.

We operate regularly in Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and many other cities across Canada. So if you need a cohesive marketing strategy involving multiple locations, we can help.

Picking The Right Commercial Photographer is Crucial for Success

When you’re looking for a professional commercial photographer, you want someone who understands the value of your product or service and can bring out its best features in the photographs.

Robert Lowdon Photography has years of experience shooting commercial photography projects, so you can trust us to deliver high-quality images. We understand the importance of creating the right image for your business, and we’ll work with you to ensure that each photograph is perfectly executed.

Customized Pricing for Your Specific Needs

When pricing commercial photography, we understand that businesses have different needs and budgets. That’s why we offer customized pricing packages to meet your specific requirements.

We can customize your shoot to your budget. So you are getting precisely what you want. 

A business headshot photographed on a roof in downtown toronto. The city can be seen in the background.
Architectural commercial photography

Comprehensive Commercial Photography Services

At Robert Lowdon Photography, we offer comprehensive commercial photography services to suit your business’s particular needs. We don’t just push buttons. We create ideas.

Project Management

We understand that photography projects come with tight deadlines and multiple moving parts. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to project management, working closely with you and your team throughout the entire process.

We strive to exceed expectations every time, always paying close attention to detail so that no aspect of your project is overlooked.

Talent Buying

We can source and book models, artists and more. We will work with you to find the perfect talent for your project.

Coordination in Multiple Locations

If your commercial photography project involves shooting in multiple locations, we can handle that. We will coordinate all necessary arrangements to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Location Scouting

We specialize in finding the perfect location for your images. Whether shooting indoors or outdoors, we will scout the area to ensure that it fits your vision and matches the personality of each business or organization.

Makeup and Wardrobe

We can provide makeup and wardrobe services onsite if required. We will work with you to ensure you look your best in each photograph.

Experienced in Working in Difficult Environments

We understand that some projects require us to work in challenging environments, and we are confident in our ability. Our team is experienced in shooting under difficult conditions, such as extreme temperatures, hazardous locations, at heights or underground.

Post-Production and Editing

Once the shoot is complete, we will use the latest editing software to retouch and perfect each image. We will ensure that every photograph looks precisely as it should before delivering them for your final approval.

Equipment Rental

We can source rental equipment such as forklifts and heavy equipment if you don’t own the equipment necessary for your desired images.

Rights Management, Licensing and Permitting

We can help you manage all rights, licensing and permitting related to your commercial photography project. We can handle everything from securing permits to negotiating usage rights.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality commercial photography services available. With our attentive customer service, extensive experience and comprehensive range of services, you can trust us to bring your vision to life.

Product photography
Golf course photography
Retail photography
Tourism photography

Authenticity Matters in Photography

We believe that authenticity and real-world experience are essential for creating a successful commercial photography project. Therefore, we will work with your marketing department to ensure the photos we deliver are true to life.

This means that workers are wearing proper PPE. Wearing proper clothing and tasks are being done as they are in the real world. We want your prospective clients to see that you know what you are doing.

We Are Leaders in the Commercial Photography Industry

At Robert Lowdon Photography, we are passionate about capturing stunning images for our clients. For over a decade, we have been exceeding our client’s expectations on every single project we work on.

It All Begins With You, the Customer

At Robert Lowdon Photography, we are proud to be a customer-oriented commercial photography studio. From the initial project briefing to post-production and delivery, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

We believe that creating amazing images begins with understanding our customers. That’s why we take the time to get to know each client and their specific needs to deliver a product they can be proud of.

If you’re looking for a commercial photographer who understands your business and can bring your vision to life, look no further than Robert Lowdon Photography.

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