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Robert Lowdon Photography is the premier choice for professional headshot photography. We deliver high-quality, expressive images that capture your uniqueness and accurately reflect your personal or business brand. Our team has produced stunning results for a multitude of clients – from CEOs, to actors, to corporate teams, entrepreneurs and more.

When you book an appointment with us, we don’t just take pictures — we put a great deal of effort into getting to know who you are so that our photos truly express who you are as a professional. You’ll receive personalized attention throughout the session to ensure superior results every time.

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Professional Headshot Photography in Toronto

Robert Lowdon Photography is the go-to source for professional headshots in Toronto. Our team has worked with thousands of clients all over Canada, creating stunning images that perfectly capture their unique personalities and brand image.

We believe in truly custom work of the highest standard. If you want a great headshot that is uniquely yours, you are in the right place!  

Our Specialties

Different Types of Headshots

At Robert Lowdon Photography, we understand the importance of having a great headshot to represent your professional image. That’s why our experienced team of photographers in Toronto provides complete professional services to ensure you get the results you need.

We’re committed to top quality and guarantee you’ll feel confident with real photos that brilliantly reflect your personality, interests, and talents. So let Robert Lowdon Photography be the source of your perfect headshot today!

Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots are professional portrait photographs typically used for business purposes, such as website images, executive team photos, press releases, and other marketing materials. Corporate headshots can also create a unified look across a company’s branding or add authenticity to online profiles. A corporate headshot should capture the subject’s true personality while also conveying trustworthiness, professionalism, and success.

Branding Headshot Session

Personal branding headshots are used for various purposes, from social media to business cards. These photos should capture the unique personality and character of the subject while displaying their professional brand in an approachable and authentic way. A personal branding headshot should be more than a simple portrait — it should express who the person is and what they stand for.

LinkedIn & Social Profiles

Over the past decade, LinkedIn and other social profiles have become a mainstay of networking as employers and clients increasingly use them as a source of information. Your Linkedin profile should stand out from the crowd, making it essential to incorporate headshots that highlight you in your best light. Headshots help your profile look more polished and professional and can also be the key to making valuable connections with industry contacts and potential employers.

Actor Headshots

Actor headshots are professional photographs that promote actors and actresses, typically in casting calls or auditions. An actor’s headshot should accurately reflect their personality and convey their unique brand without being too posed or polished. The right headshot can be the key to an actor’s success, so it’s important to get it right.

Business Portraits

Business portraits are a great way to create a professional, unified look across your business.  These professional portraits can be used for website images, press releases, social media, and other marketing materials. A good business portrait should capture the unique personality of each subject while also conveying trustworthiness and professionalism.

Multiple Location Shoots

We are experts at executing large and complicated photo shoots right across Canada. We are the best choice if you need a photography studio that can handle all the headshots across multiple markets with a cohesive look.

Corporate Photography Services

We also provide a full breadth of corporate photography services, including headshots, group photos, editorial images,  and photos for advertising and marketing.

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Whether you prefer your headshot session to be in the studio or on location, we can provide both options throughout the Greater Toronto Area. In fact we travel right across Canada and have conducted photoshoots with many corporate & industrial companies, resulting in thousands of headshots.


We can use many different background options that fit your individual or business identity. We may have some advice on what works best to achieve your goals, however, the choice is ultimately yours. From simple black, white or gray paper to colourful & vibrant backdrops, to elaborate natural backgrounds, corporate settings and everything in between. When we use the proper lighting & equipment, we can create it all.

Real Headshots Are Always Better

Many studios might focus on cutting out your image and digitally placing it on a fake background. While it might seem like a good idea, it often looks fake and low quality. Besides that, the whole point of a professional headshot is to build authenticity and trust.

All of our headshots are taken on real backgrounds at real locations. We shoot on-site to create an original image that will wow your customers. Check out what we can do in our portfolio above, or some of our best headshot tips.

Retouching & Editing

When it comes to retouching and editing headshots, everyone wants their photographs to look beautiful and carefully done. At our studio, attention to detail is at the forefront, and great care is taken to touch up images to the highest standard.

Our talented editors use advanced image processing techniques that make headshots stand out among peers. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality with every edit we apply while ensuring that natural facial essences remain the main focus. We understand how important it is to capture a person’s personality in a professional headshot, and our team is trained to emphasize this. 

Fun & Inviting Atmosphere

In order to create a fun and inviting atmosphere for our subjects, we strive to make them feel comfortable from the very first moment. At Robert Lowdon Photography, it is important to us that every aspect of the photoshoot is designed to be enjoyable and stress-free. We believe this helps foster strong relationships between subject and photographer, enabling us to capture all of your best features in beautiful pictures you’ll treasure forever. Every shoot we do is filled with laughter and creative inspiration, making sure the experience of having your photographs taken is something you’ll remember positively for many years to come!


On Location Headshots

Most of our corporate clients prefer to have their professional photos taken on-site at their place of business. We find this can make the whole process much easier for our clients. We travel with full studio equipment that is completely portable and battery packs so we can set up anywhere.

In Studio Headshots

We have access to many studios across Toronto, as well as our Downtown Toronto office location. If you would prefer to have your new headshots taken in the studio, we can help. We can choose a location close to you, so you are not stuck fighting the Toronto traffic, looking for parking or trying to figure out transit. 


A great wardrobe for a photoshoot means taking comfort and style into account. Our goal is to create natural photos that reflect your personality and style. Finding clothes that fit well and flatter the body is essential. Put together outfits with colours that mesh harmoniously, and choose fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily or pinch the skin. Accessorizing can also take an outfit to another level, so consider adding some well-chosen jewelry or statement shoes to customize the look.  

Hair & Makeup

When getting professional headshots taken, many people are often unsure about whether to include hair and makeup services for their headshots or not. 

It’s really up to you as a customer. Many of our clients prefer to do their own makeup and hair, while others prefer a professional touch. Whatever you decide, it is important to keep your look natural and ensure you are comfortable in the shoot. If you don’t usually wear bold lipstick, this photoshoot is likely not the time to try it out. 

We are happy to arrange and include makeup and hair services at your photo shoot. 


Our booking process is designed to make the experience of planning and booking your session as seamless as possible. We understand that having your picture taken can be intimidating, so we’ve made sure that each step is efficient and stress-free. Contact us below, and we will personally reach out to understand your goals. 

Let’s work together to get you exactly the images that will suit your needs – no cookie-cutter solutions here! We believe in a tailored process where we take time on both sides to develop creative and engaging shots.

Get a Headshot You Will Love!

We really want you to love your headshot for years to come. You will get to see your photos mid-way through and be involved in the whole process. It is important to us that you have a great experience from first contact to final shots.

Why You Need Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are essential for anyone who wants to promote themselves or their business. A great headshot can help you stand out from the competition and create a memorable first impression that will make potential clients and customers take notice. In addition, professional headshots convey trustworthiness and professionalism, which is critical to establishing credibility with your target audience.


At Robert Lowdon Photography, we understand the importance of a great headshot. Our team is dedicated to creating the perfect images that accurately reflect who you are and your brand. Get in touch today to learn more about our services and schedule a professional headshot photoshoot!


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