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Our hospitality and food photography portfolio featuring past examples of photographs produced for various hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Nothing drives customers to a restaurant better than great food photography!

As Toronto food photographers and hospitality photographers we are able to provide our clients a complete photography package that markets their food business perfectly. If you want a company that can create images to truly make your service business shine, then you are in the right place!

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Photography Services

We photograph hotels from the inside and out. Great photographs of hotel properties are now more essential than ever. With the majority of room bookings completed online, potential clients want to see where they are staying before they are willing to make a booking. The quality of a hotel’s photography has a direct influence on the revenue they will generate.

A well-rounded hotel photography project could include images of the following:

  • Hotel Rooms
  • Amenities (pools, exercise rooms, spas etc)
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Main Lobby & Guest Services
  • Restaurants, Commerical Spaces
  • Local Attractions

Food Photography Toronto

With the advent of digital, professional food photography has never been more important to the success of a restaurant, food service business, or food vendor. Crisp images that show food is fresh, well prepared and delicious, will increase sales. Clients make decisions with their eyes before they will consider making a purchase. Customers may also follow a social media channel for months before purchasing, taking in context to build trust in your brand. For example food photography for instagram has become a major revenue driving factor for restaurants.

A creative food photography project could include images of the following:

  • Menu Items
  • Signature Dishes
  • Food Preparation
  • Plated Meals 

Restaurant Photography

Atmosphere can be just as important when clients make decisions on restaurants they want to visit. Customers are faced with so many options to choose from and professional photos could help them envision the experience they will have and solidify their choice. Taking photos inside a restaurant can be difficult without the proper training or equipment. We will use lighting, staging and post processing techniques to make your restaurant look its absolute best.

Areas of a restaurant photography would include the following:

  • Seating Areas
  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant Exteriors
  • Staff (Kitchen, Service, Management)
  • Happy Customers

Entertainment Venues

These spaces cover many different types of venues, including; casinos, amusement parks, racetracks, concert venues, theatres, convention centers and so much more. Customers may determine the type of  ticket they purchase based on researching the venue layout, for example; if there is a premium seating area they may justify spending extra money to upgrade their tickets.  For this reason, photography can vitally important to draw customers in. See our architectural photography for more examples.

Some examples of entertainment venue photography in a project would be:

  • Attractions
  • Staging areas
  • Seating areas
  • Crowds
  • Clients and staff


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Food & Hospitality Photography that Knows How to Make Things Look Good

Food photography has become a key component of marketing for many food businesses. From restaurants to home delivery services, food brands often use stunning imagery to showcase their dishes and attract potential customers. Professional food photography can be the difference between success or failure in this highly competitive industry. A skilled food photographer understands how to best present a dish, making sure that the end product looks as delicious as it tastes. With the right lighting and angles, even a simple dish can be transformed into a visually appealing masterpiece. 

When you hire a professional photographer to take images of your hotel, you can increase visibility and draw in more potential customers who could become guests. Quality images can create an excellent first impression and give visitors a preview of what they can expect from your hotel before they make their booking. Furthermore, having professional photos taken of your hotel is an investment that will pay off in the long term as you continue to use the images in marketing campaigns and other promotional materials. Professional photographers have years of experience and specialized knowledge that allow them to capture stunning shots with precise lighting and details,  as well as position the hotel’s features in a creative way that will captivate viewers


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