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Our industrial photography portfolio features past examples of photographs produced for various clients. Many of our industrial clients have warehouses, labs, and properties throughout Canada and we have had the pleasure of photographing them all. This results in a cohesive marketing plan for our client’s brands, as well as seamless communication and planning.

Industrial photography by photographer robert lowdon


Photography Services

Above, in our industrial photography portfolio you will see a small sampling of the industrial photography we have completed for a selection of our past clients. This should give a good point of reference of the high quality of work that our company produces.

We would love to discuss goals for any upcoming project you might be considering. We can work with you every step of the way through the planning phase. We will recognize and outline your goals, as well as produce a complete range of imagery that is effective in communicating with your target audience.

We will create a custom package that exceeds your specific expectations and provides value. We can build your marketing collateral that will serve your organization for years to come.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and responsive. Our mission is to solve your problems. Our company creates photographic solutions for our clients and we would love to hear more about your goals and next project.

Great Photos Win Clients Through Engagement


Working with industrial clients throughout Canada, we have the experience and professional skills to make your next project a success. As an industrial photographer, Robert has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations.

We understand the importance of safety compliance, communication and workplace regulations. We always have the proper PPE and workplace safety training to be able to operate on site.

Our industrial clients include large factories, processing plants, mines, warehouses, laboratories and construction sites, to name a few. We have worked in them all and can go places and work in environments that other commercial photographers can’t or won’t.


We produce professional photos to help our clients tell their own unique stories to their customers. Further to the point, we create photography that is used in advertising, trade publications, and marketing materials. The resulting images produced generate revenue for our clients.

A professional photographer can help your industrial business stand out from the competition.

Telling Your Companies Story

Looking for stunning images to communicate your business’s story? Look no further. Whether you need photos of your team in action for recruiting, want to showcase your machinery and business operations, or require compelling visuals for proposals, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team can curate a customized package that offers excellent value. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive photo library that authentically represents your business, minimizing the need for stock imagery. Let us help you tell your unique story.

Video, Aerial Images, & Drone Photography

Our company can provide aerial images of large building sites, finished projects and just about anything else in between from the air. These images can provide a dynamic vantage point, where traditional photography cannot compete. Areas of urban design can specifically benefit from this style of photography to showcase the overall scale of the project. We are certified by Transport Canada to conduct advanced drone photography operations throughout Canada. We can fly in restricted areas and handle any permits and permissions that may be needed. We can scale to any size, whether that might require airplanes or aerial photography from helicopters.  

We Provide Industrial Photography Services To The Following Cities

We regularly operate in the following major cities across Canada: Brampton, Brantford, Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton,  Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Sudbury, Toronto,  Vancouver, Vaughan and more! We are available nation-wide for your industrial photography needs. Whatever the environment or location we can execute your project to the highest of standards.

Find an

Industrial Photographer That Knows How Things Work

If you’re in need of an industrial photographer, then it’s important to find someone who truly understands the inner workings of the industry. This is where expertise in photography alone just won’t cut it. You need someone who knows the ins and outs of manufacturing, production planning, and logistics, to name a few key aspects. An industrial photographer that truly understands how things work in the industry is going to be able to capture images that truly represent the nature of your business. They’ll be able to portray the hard work, skill, and innovation happening within your operation and showcase it in a visually appealing way. So if you’re after high-quality images that truly represent your industry, make sure you invest in an industrial photographer with the right expertise. 



Hands down, you need amazing images to attract customers to your business. Customers want to see the incredible work you can do. To get those images, you need an expert photographer from Robert Lowdon Photography.