New Mexico.


New Mexico.


Frost rolls across the New Mexican desert on a January morning. New Mexico is the poorest state in the United States filled with beauty and a harsh natural environment.

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About This Photograph

  • Limited Edition Artist Proof 1/10

  • Fine Art Photograph

  • Artist signed, numbered, inspected.

Behind The Image

"Driving through the New Mexican desert through the fog in January I ran into this beautiful scene. Most of my images are deliberate, planned. This one is the opposite and one of those happy accidents that can only happen when you feel completely lost and just open to anything that might happpen." -Robert Lowdon

New Mexico

Is located in the South Western United States. Typified by deserts and mountains it borders Arizona, Texas, Mexico and Colorado.

Matching This Piece To Your Home

This artwork has a lot of white tones with blue in backround, with the obvious brown of the mountain. This would frame exceptionally well on light coloured walls and homes with woodwork.

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