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“There is nothing that will make you feel smaller than the sheer size of the Grand Canyon. I wanted to show the colours and just the shear size of the canyon in the photograph. It was important that the details in the canyon be visible as well as the sky, and the sky didn’t disappoint whatsoever.” -Robert Lowdon

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park is contained completely within the state of South Dakota. In turn, South Dakota is located in the central northern part of the USA.

This image was taken in the early morning of a summer day in July. The newly risen sun casts a warm glow across the the rocks in the distance in this nature photograph. The bright yellow wild flowers create contrast in the foreground of the image. While the beams of light create a pattern across the various features of the landscape.

Matching This Piece To Your Home

This print has a warm palette with pinks and yellows. It would do well to hang as a standout piece in a smaller room. Plan for the artwork to add contrast, and avoid matching these colors.

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Badlands National Park creates a stark contrast to the prairie environment of South Dakota. The warm coral colored rocks cut out through landscape in this landscape photograph. Yellow prairie flowers give a good contrast in the foreground of the image.

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