Banff Sunrise


“An early morning hike, lead to this absolutely beautiful sunrise . ” -Robert Lowdon

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains”. Although this was written by John Muir in 1894, it still is a fitting description of the magnificent nature of sunrises in a mountainous landscape and it certainly applies to those sunrises found at Banff National Park. John Muir was a man ahead of his time. Born in 1838, he became an enthusiastic environmental activist, mountaineer and author in the United States. Like many of us, John was a huge fan of national parks, the wilderness and sunrises.


Banff National Park is known for its spectacular sunrises. The mountains and lakes found in this area heighten the beauty of the sunrise as it reflects off of its mountainous jagged peaks and the pristine turquoise waters of its glacier lakes. Tourists and artists flock to this area of the country to experience and capture sunrises. There are many sites in this national park to view sunrises, but some of the most highly rated are found at Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Peyto Lake, Tunnel Mountain Viewpoint and Two Jack Lake.


The beauty of a sunrise’s glorious greeting is found in this photograph, Banff Sunrise. The pink colour of the sunrise is caressing the travelling clouds, the nearby mountains and forests and the whole magnificent scene is perfectly reflected in the glacier waters below. Banff Sunrise captures the sense of anticipation and joy that comes with a sunrise in Banff National Park. Viewing this photograph, you can feel the chill in the air, smell the lush forest and hear the chatter of the birds as they fly overhead.



The predominate colours in this photograph are blue, pink, grey, and green. It would look best in a room with a neutral palette or complementary colours found on the walls or furniture.

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The sun begins to rise over the glacial lakes of Banff National park.

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