Head In The Clouds


The Rocky Mountains are magnificent in their appearance. Their sheer size is breathtaking and their highly irregular formed shapes and peaks provide riveting views. When the mountains are covered in snow, the view becomes even more interesting because the form and depth of the peaks are enhanced. Head in the Clouds was taken in Yoho National Park, where you can find the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains. The mountain views are amazing at Yoho National Park, with some of the tallest Rocky Mountains. Amazingly, 28 of these mountains over 3,000 meters in size.

Although beautiful and magnificent , the Rocky Mountains are inherently dangerous and can be hazardous to the well being of mountain enthusiasts. Their composition makes them highly susceptible to avalanches and rock slides. The weather on these slopes can be dangerous, highly unpredictable and can vary dramatically. Anyone visiting the Rocky Mountains should be alert for these dangers and come prepared for any emergencies. In other words, you should not have your ‘head in the clouds’ when you come to visit.

Head in the Clouds captures both the beauty and the danger found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Storm Clouds are moving swiftly across the jagged peaks of a mountain found in Yoho National Park. Looking at the picture you can sense the beauty of the rugged mountain and anticipate the jeopardy posed by the rapidly approaching storm.

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The Canadian Rockies are so different from any other mountain range with their jagged peaks and fast moving weather systems. Clouds moving across the sky, there is a storm coming.

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