Fire In The Sky


The photograph Fire in the Sky looks like something you would find on another planet. This however, is an image of the Badwater Basin Salt Flats found in the Death Valley National Park in southwestern California.

At 86 meters below sea level, the Badwater Basin Salt Flats are located at the lowest elevation in North America. The climate here is extremely dry and typically receives very little rain. However, it can receive heavy storms that form temporary lakes. This water will quickly evaporate and leave a crust of salt crystals on the ground. The salt crystals constantly expand and change shape, mix with the soil below, and form the jagged, haphazard shapes that can be seen in Fire in the Sky.

What cannot be seen in this photograph is the profound silence found here. Even the smallest noise will become amplified profoundly.

Fire in the Sky depicts an unusual landscape that might be unsettling. Looking at this photograph you can see a brilliantly coloured sunrise casting a sweep of orange and gold across the blue coloured sky. Mountains are illuminated beautifully in the distance, while  dark shadows are cast over the haphazard ground. Looking at this photograph you can almost feel the awe of this beautiful sunrise and experience the profound silence found at the Badwater Basin Salt Flats.

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As North America’s lowest point, the Badwater Basin Salt Flats receives just 60 mm of rain per year. This was photographed in the early hours of the morning before the sun rose. The flats are absolutely silent due to the fact that the silence, itself, becomes loud.

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