The Fraser River.


The Fraser River is located in British Columbia. Starting in the western Rocky Mountains, it weaves a path of 1,370 kilometers down to the Strait of Georgia at Vancouver. The river was named after the 1800’s explorer Simon Fraser, but it was well known to the Indigenous people long before Fraser made his discovery. It is the longest river in British Columbia and the 11th longest river in Canada.

On its journey to the Strait of Georgia, the Fraser River passes by and through some magnificent scenery and landscapes. The Fraser River was taken in the Fraser Valley which is located in southwestern British Columbia. The Fraser Valley has the Coast Mountains to the north and the Cascade Mountains to the South, many lakes and a large area of fertile farmland. This area of the province possesses spectacular scenery and provides wonderful photographic opportunities. As a result tourists and artists inundate the Fraser Valley every year to visit sites like Hell’s Gate, and to fish for salmon, canoe in the Fraser River, or hike in the trails found in the over 20 provincial parks found in the Fraser valley.

This Fraser River wall art fully captures the rugged beauty of the Fraser Valley and the Fraser River. The mountain dominates this scene as the sun sets in a pink coloured sky, while below the gold sparkled river rushes towards its final destination. As you look into this picture you can feel the lowering temperature as the sun sets, smell the river and sparse mountain foliage and feel the splash of the river as it hurries by.

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The turquoise waters that are unique to British Columbia capture speckles of gold from the setting sun. Chasing the sun to get to a place we are moving towards, while time keeps moving onward.

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