Lake Louise.


“I wanted to capture a different image of Lake Louise. Not the typical tourist image we see all the time. The cloud cover gave the real result I was looking for, and kept the tourists at bay.” – Robert Lowdon

Lake Louise

The beauty of Lake Louise is very hard to capture in words. Try to imagine looking out towards a enormous turquoise coloured lake while surrounded by the majestic alpine landscape of the Rocky Mountains. You can smell the nearby forest, see an osprey flying over the lake in the distance and hear the water gently lapping up against the rocky shoreline. If you can picture yourself in this picturesque site, you will have just an inkling of the beauty and splendor that is found at Lake Louise.

Lake Louise is nestled in the portion of the Rocky Mountains found in Banff National Park. It is found at an elevation of 1.7 kilometres and has a surface area of .8 kilometers squared and a depth of 70 meters. The unique colour of Lake Louise comes from the melting waters of nearby glaciers of Mount Victoria. Elk, bighorn sheep, osprey, pika, grizzly bears are commonly found in this area.

Lake Louise is sought out by tourists for its hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding trails. It also offers opportunities in the warmer months for canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, and fishing. In winter, tourists frequently visit to ski, snowboard, ice fish, snowmobile, ice skate, snowshoe, dog sled and ice climb.

This photograph, Lake Louise perfectly captures the majestic and other-worldly atmosphere of Lake Louise. The overcast sky, towering mountains, rising fog and the contrasting turquoise coloured lake and red coloured boats creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Viewing this artwork, you can almost feel the damp air on your skin, hear the gentle rippling of the water and people navigating the lake and smell water and the lush pines in the foreground.


The predominate colours in this photograph are grey, white, turquoise, brown and green. It would look best in a room with a neutral palette or complementary colours found on the walls or furniture.

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This stunning picture was photographed in Lake Louise, located inside Banff National Park. Clouds are rolling over the crystal clear waters giving an other worldly look to the mountains in the distance.

We print on the finest archival papers.

Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.

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