Banff Waters

Behind The Image

For this image I really wanted to show off the colours of the water. Ever since I had traveled through this area as I child, it was the water that really grabbed me. The perfect turquoise of the water contrasted with all of the perfect trees in the distance creates an outstanding image.

Banff National Park

Banff National park is known for its pristine turquoise coloured waters. This colouring comes from the rock flour that is created when a glacier grinds rocks into fine silt as it moves across a mountainous surface. This silt is picked up by the glacier and deposited in lakes in the spring and summer. Rock flour is very light and because of this, it becomes suspended in the waters. When sunlight hits the waters, they appear to be turquoise in colour and of course, very beautiful.

Tourists and artists have long been attracted to the beautiful bodies of water in Banff National Park. The most notable waters include Lake Minnewanka, Peyto Lake, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Vermillion Lakes. All of these lakes offer some form of recreational activity like hiking, canoeing or fishing in the warmer weather and some offer activities like skating, fishing or snowshoeing in the colder winter months.

This photograph, Banff Waters provides a good example of the scenic waterways that can be found at Banff National Park. The serenity and peacefulness of the water and surrounding lush forest has been fully captured in this scene. Looking at this photograph, you can imagine the quite solitude of the alpine air drifting across the calm waters.

Picture Banff Waters in Your Home

This artwork has strong turquoise and dark green palette. It will be enhanced in bright spaces of white and grey where it can be a focal point in any room. Lighter blue and green shades will also be complementary to Banff Waters.  

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The stunning turquoise waters of Banff are displayed in this beautiful landscape photograph. With trees and a great reflection this artwork would look great in any home.

Photographed in Banff National Park Alberta.

This is a limited edition print.

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