Mathematics in Nature.

Behind The Image

“Shot from above, on some road in the southwest. Everything repeats itself.” -Robert Lowdon

When a lot of people picture Arizona in their mind’s eye, they automatically imagine overly hot deserts with cacti, very little water, and towering multicoloured rock formations. While these concepts are true for what is found in some parts of Arizona, they are not entirely valid for other areas. In fact, in the plateaus or higher areas of Arizona milder summers and colder winters occur. It is not unusual for winter temperatures to drop to -18 degrees celcius in the upper elevations. Although the climate in these areas is arid to semi arid, it can actually snow in Arizona. The Grand Canyon can have significant amounts of snow in the higher elevations of its north and south rims. At elevations of 2,100 metres, the south rim receives 1.52 metres of snow annually. The elevations of 2,400 metres at the north rim typically receive 1.52 metres of snow every year.

Winter sports are actually possible in Arizona. Downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are very popular activities at at least four resorts like the Arizona Snow Bowl, Arizona Nordic Village, Sunrise Park Resort and Mount Lemmon Ski Valley. The landscape in these areas is very scenic and highly photogenic in the winter and because of this it is a popular destination for tourists and artists.

Mathematics in Nature was taken on a high elevation in southwestern Arizona overlooking snow covered peaks of majestic sandstone rock. This angle allows the viewer to experience this surprising vista of multicoloured sandstone formations. The snow appears to enhance the form and depth of the peaks. As you look at this picture, you may feel that you are actually there, peering down on the snow dusted rock formations below – as far as the eye can see.

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Photographed from a high elevation the red hills below covered in snow form a pattern in nature. The snow contrasts the peaks showing form and depth.

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