6 Flags Over Waterton Lakes

Behind The Image

“This photograph takes place very early in the morning. These are the times you really get to enjoy the park all to yourself. A cold summer morning has it’s benefits, and being able to create great images” -Robert Lowdon

Waterton Lakes National Park

The park is located in southern Alberta, Canada. Waterton Lakes shares a border with Glacier National Park in the United States. Waterton Glacier International Peace Park lies in between the two parks on the Canada / US border. Waterton Lakes is one of five national parks located in the province of Alberta. Banff National Park lies to the north west, and would be the closest Canadian Park.

The park was founded in 1895 reaching national park status. Waterton Lakes was the fourth nation park in Canada at that time. Waterton was named for conversationalist Charles Waterton. The park was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995.

Open all year long Waterton Lakes National Park, will see roughly 400,000 visitors. The park offers mountain hiking trails and rugged alpine scenery. There is a town site, along with the historic hotel Prince of Wales hotel.

Matching This Piece To Your Home

Blue clouds ranging from purple to orange, this image is suited for darker rooms where it can truly shine. Keep in mind to light the piece to really make this Waterton Lakes wall art look its best.

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Cotton candy skies, still deep blue waters, and mountains peaking through clouds are what creates natures best carnival.

Deep pinks and blues frame the beautiful scenery of the Upper Waterton Lakes. A vast mountain landscape lies beyond the horizon of this stunning nature scene.

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Signed Inspected, Pearl Archival

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