West of Tucson.


If you are ever lucky enough to travel to Arizona, you really should take the time to visit the Saguaro National Park. When I first visited this state park, I was amazed by the amount and variety of vegetation found there. As expected, there were numerous cacti, but there is also a great variety of trees, grasses, shrubs, and wildflowers. Saguaro National Park surrounds the city of Tucson and it is known for the multitude of Saguaro Cacti that grow there. These flowering cacti can live up 200 years and reach a height of 15 meters. The amazing plants of this region have adapted to this harsh landscape so well, that they are a source of food and shelter for the animals that live there.

Sightseers and artists frequently travel to this part of the United States to take in its beauty. It is not uncommon to see them enjoying Saguaro National Park on horseback or bicycles or hiking somewhere on the park’s 266 kilometers of hiking trails. One of the most breathtaking things to see here are the sunsets. The colour of the sunsets here can only be described as brilliant, with colours ranging from orange to red and even purple. It is thought that vibrancy of the sunsets found here, are caused by this area’s clean and dry air.

Like the name indicates, West of Tucson was taken in an area west of Tucson, Arizona – in  Saguaro National Park. As you look into this artwork, you can view the brilliant sunset of purple, pink, orange, yellow, and blue that is reflected in the hovering clouds. In the distance, you can see mountains, and in the foreground the vigorous desert vegetation, and almost feel the cooling air and smell the dusty air.

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A lone organ pipe cactus against the setting sun in southern Arizona. Tucson and the desert that surrounds it is a tapestry of colours.

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